10 Great Ways To Build High Self Confidence

The difference between feeling great about yourself and your
future and feeling worthless is the difference between
having good self-confidence and low self-confidence. How
you see yourself can vastly impact how people around you

Self-confidence can be a self fulfilling prophecy: the
higher your self-confidence, the more likely you are to
succeed. If you have poor self-confidence, it is important
you train yourself to have a better self image.

Here are ten simple things you can do to improve your self

1. Dress for success

Dressing in a professional manner will affect the way you
interact with the people around. Having a good grooming
habits and dressing appropriately will make a subtle
difference in the way you feel about yourself and the way
others perceive you.

2. Do not drag your feet

It is a proven fact that people with high degrees of self
confidence walk faster, so improves they way you feel about
yourself by putting a little zip into your walk. Walking
faster will also affect the way others perceive you. An
energetic walk means you have purpose and confidence

3. Stand up straight

Much like the effect of walking quickly, excellent posture
is a great way to display confidence. Poor posture and
slumped shoulders brings to mid a dejected person. The way
you stand can make you seem and feel more confident.

4. Advertise yourself

If you are ever in need of a little confidence jump, a great
idea is have a short speech that ‘sells’ your best qualities
and strengths. Recite this speech whenever you need to jump
start your confidence.

5. Be thankful

Instead of focusing on what you lack, spend time each day to
think about everything you have to be great full for.
Relationships, work, strengths, and accomplishments are
great things to recognize at the end of the day.

6. Give out compliments

Negative people often only say negative things. The best way
to break this habit is to practice saying positive things
about the people around you.

Don’t gossip and be sure to compliment those around you. Not
only will you break the habit of being negative, people will
start to genuinely like you which will, in turn, improve
your self confidence.

7. Sit front and center

People with low self confidence often try to hide out in the
back of the back. Avoid this negative behavior by taking a
seat right up front in meetings or classrooms. The added
visibility will end up making your feel more confident.

8. Open your mouth

Low self confidence often means being afraid to voice your
opinion. Instead of sitting in the corner and saying
nothing, take a chance and let the people around you know
what you really think. You may be surprised at their

9. Exercise

Working out will not only helps your physical appearance, a
great self confidence builder in itself, it will release
endorphins into your systems. These are nature’s ‘high’ and
great way to feel better about who you are.

10. Make a difference

Help others around you whenever possible. Tutor fellow
students who need help in a subject you excel in or donate
some time to help the needy. Helping others will increase
your self confidence as you realize that you can make a

These simple steps will help you build up your self
confidence and allow you to feel your best, whatever you do.
You will feel happy to approach more and varied activities
and this will open up whole new horizons to you, so that you
can find even greater happiness with more things that you
enjoy doing.


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