10 Reasons Why Great People Skills Are Essential In This Economy

There’s no denying that the economy today is in a state of
transition; finances are tumbling, jobs being outsourced,
new green technologies being developed and the government
trying to organise a solution to it all. With all of this
going on, it is clear that people skills are very important.

1. Developing New Industries

The new economy is rift with opportunities for new types of
businesses. People are developing things like long-life
light bulbs and clothes made out of recycled materials.

All of these new industries need to be marketed to the
public, they need to find financial backing, and they need
people to work on manufacturing them. For a person to
develop these businesses, they need good people skills to
accomplish all of these tasks.

2. Dealing with Healthcare

Right now, for the United States, providing healthcare to
its citizens is perhaps the number one issue.

The government is debating how best to address such things
as coverage for all citizens, premium costs, covering
pre-existing conditions, whether the government should offer
coverage to people or merely subsidise the premiums they
have to pay to an insurance company, and countless other issues.

Of course, both ends of the political and social spectrum
have an opinion on the matter. Quite a few of them are very
vocal in that opinion, and the ability to win people over to
their way of thinking is dependent on people skills.

People who can speak and write in a convincing and
articulate manner have the best chance of convincing others
to support their view.

3. The Real Estate Market

Ever since the creation of the term “subprime”, the real
estate market has gone crazy, bouncing from low to high and
then crashing. So, people who own homes face the difficulty
of paying their mortgage and might need to negotiate a new
loan or try to work out a new payment schedule on their
existing one.

To do so, they need to explain clearly and succinctly to
their mortgage holder just how they are going to do that.

On the other hand, if someone is trying to buy a home, the
new rules regarding getting a loan make those same skills
even more important.

Where once a mortgage was obtained with no money down and
little paperwork, now a home buyer practically has to
surrender their firstborn ñ and a pound of flesh. To buy,
sell or re-finance a home in the current economic situation
requires outstanding people skills.

4. Changing Professions

Given the downturn in the economy, and the changes to the
business landscape, many people are facing the prospect of
finding a new job, and possibly a new career altogether.

So, how does a forty-something former engineer convince a
college to give him or her a chance at being a professor?

That person needs to be able to speak clearly and with
authority and write in a manner designed for students to
understand. To teach means interacting with people on a
daily basis; so what better place are people skills needed?

For that matter, any middle-aged person facing the job market
is going up against younger potential employees, and they
have to prove that their experience and knowledge are equal
to the task at hand.

5. Volatile Politics

It’s no secret that the current political climate is anything
but hostile. Pundits and politicians on the Right
(conservatives) are actually questioning whether or not
President Obama is a US citizen.

Between that and cries of Socialised Medicine and death
panels, there is a real need for cooler heads to step in and
try to mediate a solution to our troubled political
stalemate. As the government is trying to create the means
to revive the economy, there is a real need for people with
good people skills to work at constructing that resolution
to the economic crisis.

6. Higher Education

With some jobs disappearing, new ones coming along and new
industries developing, having the right sort of education is
vital to securing a good economic future.

Of course, there are also many people trying to fill
those openings in the colleges and universities. So, to get
the sort of education you need to fulfil your economic
dreams, you have to be articulate and have the ability to
convince a college that you are deserving of a degree from
their institution.

If you are an older student, maybe a middle-aged person
looking at a career change, your difficulty at getting into
an institution of higher learning can be doubly hard. That
means being able to write a good application, and give a
good interview: all of these are people skills.

7. Evolving Family Dynamics

Another aspect of the new economy is the simple fact that
older parents are moving in with their children and teen and
young adult children are living at home longer. In some
cases, there can be three or four generations living
together under one roof.

As a result, having good people skills can come in handy
When trying to coordinate so many different people, get them
To live together in peace, and try to get jobs for all of them.

8. The Threat of Terrorism

It’s no secret that terrorism has truly moved to the
forefront in today’s world. The economic impact of terrorism
is two-fold.

First off, attacks cause fear and panic in the public, which
causes a downturn in the economy.

Second, there are any number of businesses like security
systems, fences, armed guards etc that people will want to
make use of to make them feel safer.

In the case of the former, using good people skills can be
the key to keeping your business going after a terrorist
attack. You can use those skills to try and keep existing
clients from cutting back and striving to pick up new ones.

In the case of the latter, you can try launching a new
business that deals with home security.

9. Finding Enough Energy

Another critical aspect of today’s economy is the energy
industry. Not only are there the existing energy resources
of oil, coal and gas, but all manner of alternative energy
sources are currently being developed.

So, if you have an idea for wind power, solar power,
geothermal etc, then you will need to get backers for the
construction of your system, and then have to distribute it
to customers. People skills are vital for all of these

10. Dealing with Unemployment and Job Searches

This is the last ditch effort for anyone struggling in the
Current economy; they have to file for unemployment and see
about finding a new job.

In looking for a new position, you need to draw up a good
resume, do phone calls, and go on interviews. You have to do
all this in amongst countless other people doing the exact
same thing.

So, how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

By using good people skills: creating a killer resume,
handling the interview well, and doing the right sort of
follow-up calls to keep your name at the top of a company’s
list of consideration.

Today’s economy is a tough road to haul; unemployment is up,
productivity down, real estate values and the stock market
shaky and the economy changing. If you are going to survive
and thrive, having the communication skills to deal with
people, agencies and businesses are vital.


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