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How To Improve Your Social Skills

If you are looking for a way to improve your social skills,
there are many resources available that will assist you in
refining your social skills and improving the way you
communicate with others. It’s not only possible to learn
how to improve your social skills; it’s easier than you

Imagine how much simpler your life would be if you could
rid yourself of nagging self-doubt and have confidence
knowing you can handle any social situation.

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to excel at
socializing? Learning how to improve your social skills
will give you the ability to know what to say in any
situation and be the type of person others love to be

You can develop the skills needed to start a conversation
with anyone you encounter, deal effectively with awkward
situations, accept rejection gracefully, and win the
approval and appreciation of all that you encounter.

You will be able to read the body language of others,
effectively solve problems, and develop the ability to
diffuse sensitive situations with seemingly little effort.

In the process of learning how to improve your social
skills, your self-esteem will soar and your confidence will
reach an all-time high. Here are some tips:

1. Awareness of your own interaction with other people is
the first step in improving your social skills.

Learn to identify which types of situations make you
uncomfortable and then modify your behavior to achieve
positive results is a critical step in improving your
social skills.

You can learn to become aware of behaviors in other people
that prompt you to respond in negative ways and modify your
own behavior to turn the situation into a positive

2. You must accept responsibility for your own behavior and
do not fear apologizing for errors in judgment or
insensitive actions.

Asking others for honest feedback about the way you
interact with others can be very helpful. Accept the
negative feedback along with the positive and make changes

3. Your non-verbal communication is equally as important as
the things that you say. Positive body language is
extremely important in your interactions with other people.

If your words and your actions do not match, you will have
a difficult time succeeding in social situations.

4. In order to learn how to improve your social skills, you
must become and great listener. You must fight the urge to
respond immediately and really listen to what the other
person is trying to communicate.

Offering suggestions or criticism before you are certain of
the other person’s intent can only lead to frustration for
both parties.

5. Improving your social skills is a process and cannot be
accomplished overnight. Trying to improve or change too
many things at once will be counter-productive.

You will become discouraged and overwhelmed if you attempt
to change your entire personality all at once. Choose one
or two traits at a time and work on those over a period of
time. Learn to take advantage of your personal strengths
and make a positive impact on others.

6. Maximize your positive personality traits and use them
in your interactions with others. Good communication and
great listening skills are the most important tools you can
use in improving your social skills.

You can learn how to improve your social skills by
developing excellent listening skills, learning to resolve
problems and conflicts, understanding body language, and
accepting responsibility for your own negative behavior.

Determination and self-awareness will make your desire to
improve your social skills a reality.

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The Real Secret To Mastering People Skills

Want to know how to master people skills? It is easier
than you think once you learn a proven way to improve
your people skills.

If you are serious about developing great people skills
– read on…

When you decide to develop greater self-confidence, to
improve your communication skills and to enhance your
ability to connect with people. You need to master one
crucial life skill.

Without this essential skill you will never excel in your
dealings with people. You will never express yourself in a
way that moves people and you will never make a big first
impression when you meet new people.

You must learn how to be flexible in your approach.

Flexibility or the ability to adapt to different people is
essential if you are to communicate effectively. In many
ways it is like driving a car – you must constantly adapt
to your environment and make ongoing, slight adjustments to
how you drive the conversation.

If you fail to do this you will end up using the same
approach with everyone you meet and consequently your
ability to create and maintain rapport will be a random

If and only if the other person is responsive to your
approach will you be able to make great conversation.

In other words you are not in control. And this creates
feelings of shyness, nervousness and anxiety. You feel
stressed for a reason – you have no control over your
interactions with others.

Only when you master the art of being flexible with people
will be in control. You will then feel a sense of
relaxation and confidence based on your proven competence.

What can you do to develop flexibility?

You need to condition new ways of behaving. The traditional
way to do this is to act out the new behaviors until they
become automatic.

For example when talking to a loud talker you would shout
back even if you feel awkward about speaking up in public.
Or with someone who tends to be say very little you might
dominate the conversation and do most of the talking even
if listening to the sound of your own voice makes you feel

Although this approach can work it is slow, difficult and
embarassing until you start exhibiting real progress.

There is a far better way.

It is the approach I used to go from feeling shy and
nervous in social situations to feeling confident and in

The answer?

Use peak performance techniques to quickly and easily
condition new ways of dealing with people. This is the
only way I recommend if you are serious about developing
the flexibility you need to master people skills.

You can transform your people skills when you take two
important actions.

1. Eliminate the limiting negative feelings that hold you
back. Until you do this you will never make any real
progress even if you read a ton of books on how to talk to

Why? Because your fears of saying the wrong thing, of
looking stupid and of getting stuck for words will over
ride your best intentions. You will stay stuck in a rut
even if what you are currently doing does not work.

2. Reprogram your mind to allow you to perform at your very

When you use powerful techniques for conditioning new and
better ways of dealing with people – it gets easier and
easier to develop flexibility with people.

I have now told you what you need to focus on to transform
your communication skills for the rest of your life.

It could take you many frustrating years of trial and error
to figure out the specific techniques that will work best
for you.

Or you can use my step-by-step system and start getting
great results today.

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To eliminate the negative feelings that hold you back –
review the three strategies in the Conversation Fear report.

To be at your best with a variety of people – use lesson 1
on page 5 of my book and use that strategy to ensure you
are at your best with different types of people.

And if you really want to guarantee your success use the
Instant Confidence technique in lesson 5 on page 27.

Have Fun,

Peter Murphy

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