Monthly Archives: December 2006

Simple but not obvious

If we all have so much untapped human potential – why
is it that only a few people have such happy and
successful lives when most do not?

Why is it that some enjoy an abundance of great
friendships and loving relationships while others
struggle to meet the right kind of people?

The answer is simple but
not obvious. Success is
an inside job!

What we create in our minds and in our hearts
determines our success and happiness in the outside
world. Thankfully, when you master your inner world
the outer world will conspire to give you what you

We often acknowledge the existence of this principle
when it comes to business success but it is just as
important when it comes to mastering people skills.

If you approach someone with hesitancy you cause that
person to be wary of you; when you nervously make
small talk others get nervous; and when you
desperately want to be liked you give off neediness
and push others away.

In each scenario the law of cause and effect is at
work. Success AND failure are an inside job. There is
nothing random about the way people respond to you.

Set up success in your mind and heart and you will
experience success with people. Unconsciously set up
failure and you´ll experience difficulty, stress and

What can you do?

Discover how to master your thoughts and your feelings
in a way that transforms your communication. This will
cause people to want to be with you.

All you need to do is flip the switch from negative to
positive, from creating what you don´t want to
creating what you do want, and others will respond
favorably to you.

It is simple and very fast when you know how to do it.
I was amazed at how quickly I made the leap from being
unsure of myself with others to becoming an attractive
personality that drew people to me.

Time has nothing to do with it.

You can spend many frustrating years trying to improve
yourself but without the right guidance you may well
get lost. However when you find the right road map you
will get to your destination quickly and easily.

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You will be amazed at how easy it is to charm others
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All the very best.

Peter Murphy

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