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Searching for inspiration. Problem Solved, at Last!

Many of us are looking to have it all. We want
more success, greater happiness and harmonious
relationships (often termed abundance). We do our
best to apply the secrets of success we discover
over the years but still there are times when we
feel stuck.

This is normal.

Nobody can operate at 100% efficiency all of the
time. In fact, it is not only healthy and a good
idea to have down time it is also one of the best
ways to come up with new ideas that will propel
you forward past any obstacles that pop up.

Getting stuck is only a problem if it becomes
habitual – if you have a cycle of aiming high,
getting stuck and then searching for inspiration
to dig you out of the hole. That is a very
stressful way to live.

Does this sound like you?

You find yourself surfing the internet randomly
looking for something interesting to occupy your
mind while secretly you are hoping to stumble
upon an idea or some new insight that will
inspire you. This sometimes wastes hours of your

I know. I make this mistake too when I forget to
stay aware of why I am online and what I want to

Thankfully there is a better way. In fact there
are three great ways to kick start inspiration:

1. Supportive People

One great way to stay inspired and on track is to
surround yourself with loving, supportive people.
When you have people around you who believe in
your abilities there is nothing you cannot
achieve. Their belief and support will reignite
your passion to keep you moving towards your
ultimate destination.

2.  New Environment

Very often when I am stuck in my work I will shut
down my computer, put my PDA in my pocket and go
for a walk or go to a coffee shop. I find when I
am out in nature or in new surroundings I can
think more clearly. I can get unstuck by doing

Then, when great ideas pop into my mind I make
notes on my PDA so I do not forget the solutions
later when I am back in the office.

3. Release the stuckness

The most elegant and powerful way to quickly move
beyond stuckness is to release that stuck feeling.

If you know how, it is possible to go, in a
matter of moments, from feeling stuck, apathetic
and confused to feeling inspired, ready for
action and excited about making your dreams come
through. It really is amazing.

I will tell you how to do this in a minute but
first let me explain why inspiration is so
important in helping you get what you want.

Inspiration is the spark that ignites abundance
in your life – an abundance of happiness, great
friends and wealth. Do understand, true abundance
means having the inspiration to dream big dreams
and the courage to make it happen.

If this is a life changing skill you would like
to have, the best place to learn how is at this

How Inspiration Unlocks Abundance

I have used this approach since the summer of
1999 and it is remarkable the difference this
knowledge has made to my quality of life. I am
happier, wealthier and more at peace than I have
ever been.

All because of this single essential skill – the
ability to bounce back and get inspired at
anytime even when the odds are stacked against me.

Again, let me be clear, many people talk
about abundance – what that really means is
inspiration backed dreams. Get that right and
life becomes a magical experience.

Take a moment and check out the site for yourself

The inspiration Secret and Effortless Abundance

All the very best,


P.S. Inspiration is no mystery once you know how
to unlock it on demand. When you do abundant
energy, happiness and success become the norm.

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easy way to success today and not in ten years
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Light Your Conversation Fire

There is a great tactic anyone can use that
guarantees great conversation regardless of who
you are talking to.

The top movers in the world of business and even
those charming people who light up any social
event know this secret and you can use it too.

This is a critical life skill and thankfully it
is much easier than people think to excel at
conversation skills once you know the smart way
to go about it. There are three simple steps to
lighting the conversation fire:

1. Complete Attention.

Give complete attention to the person you are
talking to. Yes, all of your attention. Resist
the temptation to scan the room, play with the
loose change in your pocket or start thinking
about what you need to do later in the day.

Talk and listen to the person before you as if
this is the most important person you have ever
met and as if this conversation is the most
important discussion of you life. When you do
this the other person cannot help but notice the
respect you are showing him. This is flattering.

You will find whoever you are talking to will
respond very positively to this attention. He
will warm to you, speak more freely and pay close
attention to what you say.

2. Conversation is like fishing.

Small talk is the starting point.Why? You engage
in small talk to fish for great topics of
conversation that appeal to you and the other
person – you are looking for shared interests and

For this reason, and following on from step one,
pay very close attention to the non-verbal
behavior of the other person as he talks. You
need to spot clues that indicate his interests.
And, you want to avoid those topics he finds
boring, annoying or distasteful.

It is easy to spot these clues as long as you pay
more attention to how someone talks than to what
he says. You´ll still hear everything he says.
You then simply look for clues as indicated by
more enthusiasm in his voice and body language.

3. Follow the path of least resistance.

When you spot a topic that generates enthusiasm
follow that lead and drive the conversation in
that direction. This is very easy to do since
people love to talk about what interests them. A
few good questions to open up the topic is
usually all it takes.

A spark then ignites the conversation and before
you know it the conversation takes on a life of
its own.

Make sure to match the enthusiasm of the other
person in your voice tone and in your body
language. This is important. If you fail to do
this you will dampen his enthusiasm.

One important point. Some topics will get an
emotional response that looks like enthusiasm but
are to be avoided is meeting someone for the
first time. If an issue agitates the other person
the annoyance is like a negative passionate
enthusiasm! This is risky ground with someone you
do not know very well and is best to steer clear

Look for positive enthusiasm especially topics
that cause someone to smile or laugh. Make it a
goal to fish for topics that make people feel
good and you´ll make friends with new people even
faster that you expect.

You can light the conversation fire anytime you
want to by remembering these three points: give
complete attention to the other person, fish for
great topics and follow the path of less

Over time you will get better and better at each
step until it becomes second nature. At this
point this process will run on automatic and
meeting people becomes a lot of fun.

Peter Murphy is a peak performance expert. He
recently revealed the secret strategies all high
achievers use to communicate with charm and
impact. The same techniques you can use to
overcome shyness, develop great conversation
skills and build self-confidence.

Assume The Best When Meeting People

When you meet new people if you tend to be
cautious you may tend to wait and see what the
other person is like before opening up.

Although that seems logical it is in fact a very
negative way to engage in conversation. It means
you hide your personality, you wait for the other
person to lead and you are passive in seeing how
it all works out.

Anyone who knows how to charm people approaches
winning friends very differently. Here are three
secrets to winning friends that work like magic:

1. Assume you like the person

When meeting new people assume they are likeable
and interesting unless they prove otherwise. This
assumption will cause you to warmly open the
conversation on a friendly, positive note.

The other person will pick up on your acceptance
and positive attitude and be much more willing to
get to know you.

Do this and you virtually guarantee a great
connection right away. The conversation then
takes on a life of its own.

2. Expect to find interesting conversation topics

This attitude of positive expectancy makes it
much more fun to meet people. It becomes like a
treasure hunt – what interesting experiences or
knowledge will you find?

When you are clearly enthusiastic about getting
to know people they will respond in kind. People
love to be listened to by someone who is
genuinely interested in them. That´s you!

3. Take charge

A conversation is a two way street. If the other
person is not interested you have the option of
probing for alternative conversation topics or
ending the conversation.

It is a big mistake to wait and see what will
happen. If you are having fun make the most of
the opportunity to get to know your new friend.
If on the other hand, you are hating every moment
then politely wrap up the conversation.

There is nothing worse than awkwardly standing
there wondering what to say with someone you
don´t want to talk to. Some times people do not
click and that is a universal experience not a
failure on your part – remember that!

Peter Murphy is a peak performance expert. He
recently revealed the secret strategies all high
achievers use to communicate with charm and
impact. The same techniques you can use to
overcome shyness, develop great conversation
skills and build self-confidence.