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High Self Confidence in Minutes…

A number of years ago I was giving a presentation on
advanced communication skills in London, England. I
gave the invitation only audience some simple yet
very practical tips for being much more at ease when
talking to people. It was good fun and people got a
lot out of it.

Afterwards I was approached by a slighty over weight
middle-aged guy who nervously whispered to me: “do
you ever work one on one with people?”

To cut a long story short, I agreed to work with Jim
and arranged to meet him two days later.

Life Falling Apart

When we met Jim told me he had lost complete
confidence in himself and as a result his life was
falling apart around him. Worst of all he could see
no light at the end of the tunnel.

Jim´s business was suffering so badly that he would
soon be out of business if he could not pull himself

And his wife could only look on and hope for a
miracle as she had no idea what to do to help him.
She quietly wondered what had happened to the man
she loved.

Time For A Change

I sat down with him and we got started…

I spent just 45 minutes with Jim showing him how to
quickly change his thoughts and feelings from fear
and anxiety to unstoppable confidence.

Within minutes Jim went from looking defeated to
being a winner again. He sat tall in his chair, his
face relaxed and he spoke with much more authority.

That´s the difference confidence makes and that´s
how quickly you can turn on the confidence you have
always wanted.

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