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5 Simple Steps To High Self Confidence

People with high self-confidence have an unlimited amount of
faith in their self and their abilities. This faith stems
from an honest evaluation of the possibility of succeeding
at a given activity. This evaluation is almost always
followed by setting goals that are met or even exceeded.

In a beautiful cycle, more confidence leads to success which
in turn leads to even more confidence. It is a win-win
situation. People with high self-confidence look forward to
learning new things. They are able to learn from constructive
criticism and believe in their ability to achieve their

Most importantly, people who do not suffer from low self
confidence genuinely like themselves. However, the one
pitfall of confidence is having too much of it. People who
overestimate themselves or their abilites often end up
failing because they are unprepared.

Overconfidence can make you appear like you look down on
people and think you are better then them. Having an
appropriate level of high self-confidence is a great and
healthy thing and can be achieved by following a few simple

1. Keep a daily journal

Any attempt at self-improvement must begin with an honest
evaluation and a great way to do this is through the use of
a daily journal. Jot down what you are currently working on
and why it is important.

As you complete projects or tasks, write down the outcome.
The great thing about the journal is that you can look back
at your past accomplishments. This can be a great self
confidence pick me up if you are feeling a little low.

2. Go with your strengths

After you have been writing in your journal for a few days,
go back and read previous entries. You will begin to see
patterns emerge. Your strengths and your weaknesses will
both start to become apparent.

This gives you an excellent opportunity to recognize your
strengths and put them to use in other aspects of your life.
It will also give you the opportunity to begin an inventory
of your weaknesses.

Some of the weaknesses will be honest weaknesses that you
can do something about, while others will just be
self-criticism. Try and improve the weaknesses you can and
throw out the false ones.

3. Successes should be remembered

Use your journal to record successes. Even small successes,
like losing those five extra pounds that have been hanging
around since Christmas should be noted. Learning to be proud
of yourself is an important component in having high

Be sure to read through your journal on a regular basis to
remember your past successes. Be proud of yourself and your

4. Step out of the box

Don’t be afraid to try new things. A new hobby or activity
that has always interested you offers you the opportunity to
expand your horizons. You will most likely find hidden
talents and strengths you did not know you had.

Even if you find an activity that you are not particularly
good at but that you enjoy, it will make you feel better
about who you are and will raise your self-confidence level.

5. Learn something new

Realizing that you can still learn new things even though
you may no longer be of school age should increase your self
confidence in several ways. The increased knowledge should
be useful in certain situations.

But also, now you know you can learn, you should know you
can learn anything you need to know, so you no longer need
to lack confidence in that area.

Having high self-confidence is a great way to be successful
at life. Following these few simple tips is an excellent way
to improve your self-confidence.

Hold Your Head Up to Improve Low Confidence

Low confidence can affect almost every aspect of your life.
It can sap you of energy, make you depressed and make school
or work difficult. There are many strategies for dealing
with low confidence.

These things all work if you put the effort into them. There
is one simple thing you can do to improve your confidence
level. It is something you have probably never considered.
It is such a simple thing that it is often overlooked.

What is it? Simple:

1. Hold your chin up high

That’s right. Simply changing your posture will improve your
low confidence level. The act of consciously standing tall
and holding your head high has two main benefits.

Confident people have good posture. They stand up tall and
walk with purpose. When you see someone who holds their head
up, no matter what the situation, what do you think about
them? You most likely have an immediate reaction of respect
for them.

Being someone who can face adversity in the eye shows the
world they have the strength and confidence in themselves to
do so. When you do the same, stand tall, hold your head high
and walk with purpose, you are broadcasting to the world
around you that you are a confident person.

So, make a conscious effort to do so. No matter what you
feel like inside, constantly remind yourself to stand
straight. If you find yourself in a difficult situation and
find your shoulders slumping downward, straighten up. It
will broadcast a feeling of confidence to the world around

2. Put your shoulders back and take a few good deep breaths

That will help to calm your nerves and clear your head,
helping you think clearly and feel calm. The pause it gives
you will also give you time to collect your thoughts and
think what you want to do or say.

3. Act out confident behaviors

It is a simple fact of psychology that performing a behavior
will often make it true. This means that acting confident
will lead to feeling confident. It sounds odd that something
as simple as standing tall can change the way you view
yourself, but science actually proves it can.

Think of the studies on smiles. It has been proven that
people who smile more often are happier, even people who
smile when they do not feel like it are happier. So, act
confident by standing tall and you will soon find that you
do not have to act confident at all, you will simply be

4. Look people in the eye

Don’t stare, of course, but don’t be afraid to make
comfortable eye contact, either. This will make you appear
more confident and people will respond to this respectfully.
If they respect you, you will feel better and your
confidence will increase.

5. Use hand gestures intelligently

Appropriate use of hand gestures can highlight your words
and make people more likely to listen to you. That should
really boost your confidence. However, be careful not to
overdo your hand gestures as that can make you look a little
desperate and increase your nerves. Careful, pertinent hand
gestures will make you look and feel authoritative.

There are many other techniques that you can use to improve
your self-confidence. None of them are as easy as standing
tall. The old phrase ‘keep your chin up, kid’ actually has a
lot of merit to it. Holding your chin up will make the
people around you believe that you have a lot of confidence
in yourself.

More importantly, over time, holding up your chin will make
you believe you have confidence. In fact, you will have
confidence.  Learn to hold your head up high, no matter what
situation you are faced with. It will improve your
confidence level in no time at all.

Before long high self confidence will be part of who you are!

Dealing with Low Self Confidence – 6 Easy Ways To Take Back Control

low self confidence can be a big problem in your life. It
can hold you back in so many areas so that you never reach
your full potential and so the low self confidence becomes a
self-fulfilling prophecy.

Do you find yourself getting overly upset when someone
criticizes you?

Do you avoid trying out new things?

Do you keep your opinions and views to yourself, especially
to avoid confrontation?

Do you often think that you lack the ability to do

If you have answered yes’ to any of these questions, it is
likely you are suffering from low self confidence. Low self
confidence can cause depression, poor relationships and the
inability to change.

Low self confidence is often blamed on early childhood
events. Lack of parental support or encouragement and
constant criticism are often cited as key causes of low
self confidence.

However, your low self confidence cannot be blamed solely on
your parents. You must take responsibility for your part and
take steps to overcome your low self confidence.
Act confident.

Often the fastest way to improve your confidence level is by
simply acting confident. Groom yourself carefully, dress
appropriately and carry yourself with excellent posture.
These simple things will actually make you feel more
confident over time.

1. Pat yourself on the back

If you achieve a success, don’t let it go on noticed.
Celebrate your success, no matter how small they seem. Give
yourself a pat on the back and reward your success.
2. Surround yourself with positive people

One of the worse things a person with low confidence can do
is surround themselves with negative people. Negative people
typically have low confidence themselves, and even if they
don’t, listening to negative comments will do nothing but
bring you down. Find positive people to put your life in

3. Realize you are the best friend you will every have

Don’t treat yourself harshly or poorly by constantly
critiquing yourself. Learn to treat yourself with the
respect you deserve. You are person of worth and value, a
person that is deserving of love. Compliment yourself often.
It will change the way you look at yourself and improve your
self confidence.

4. Think positively

Positive thinking doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so you
may have to practice this one a little bit. A great way to
do this is by thinking of three positive things about your
day each night before you go to bed. Before long, you will
have silenced that nagging negative inner voice and feel
much more confident.

5. Be prepared

Any time you are required to do something that you are not
confident about, make sure you do your homework. Get
yourself ready, equipped with the knowledge you will need in
order to complete the task well. Make sure you have all the
needed tools at your disposal and you should feel much more
confident about tackling the task.

6. Get into the right mindset

Sometimes, in fact, often you can worry yourself into
thinking things are worse than they are and that you are at
far more risk than you really are. This can be especially
true when you anticipate embarrassment. Most of us fear
embarrassment and making a fool of ourselves far more than
we fear anything else. That fear can make you lack
confidence even more.

So, to overcome this fear of embarrassment and failure, ask
yourself what really is the worse thing that can happen to
you if you fail in your task. Rarely will it be something
from which you can recover. Once you can see that failing at
a task is not going to cause you serious problems, you
should be able to tackle the task more confidently.

Low self confidence is a problem that many people have to
deal with. It is also a problem that can be overcome.
Learning to treat yourself with respect and to love who you
are, faults and all, is the first step in improving your low
self confidence to enjoy high self confidence instead.

Surround yourself with positive people and thoughts and
celebrate success. Becoming a person with high self
confidence is not an easy thing, but it is possible. It
will take some time and all lot of effort on your part, but
it will be time well spent as you become a confident person
who is ready to face the challenges of life head on and