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What to Say When Meeting Someone for the First Time

What to say when meeting someone for the first time depends who you are meeting, and why. Have a look at the points below, and you’ll understand what that means.

1. A potential boss

When going on a job interview, you are intent on making the right impression. You can say in a good and clear voice, “How do you do, Mr./Ms (blank)? I’m very pleased to meet you.”

This is a good, direct introduction. It’s neutral, yet pleasant. Do not use their first name until they say it is okay to do so.

2. The new (or potential) client

On the flip side to a new boss is someone who you are trying to get work from. When you first meet such a person, you should say something like “Welcome to my office, Mr./Ms. (blank); (do not refer to them by their first name). Please have a seat, and let’s talk about what my company can do for you.”

This is a good way to start off because it lets them know that you know their name, you’re offering to make them comfortable, and you’re making it clear that you (and your company) are there to serve them.

3. A possible employee

This is the flip side to going on an interview for a job. You want to put the potential new employee at ease.

So, a nice phrase like, “It’s good of you to come in today, Mr./Ms (blank). Please, have a seat, and we’ll have a look at your resume and see if our company is a good match for you.” You put them at ease, kick off the interview with a basic question (asking for their resume), and make it clear that you are interested in having them come on board as an employee.

4. A date

Nothing gets people more nervous than meeting a man/woman for the first time on a date. There’s always the concern that your words could be misinterpreted by the man (or woman) you’re trying to make a good impression on. So, like for a job interview, be pleasant, but generic.

You could try something like, “It’s very nice to meet you, (blank, the person’s first name); I hope we can have a good time today/tonight.”

You want to make it clear that you’re glad to meet the person, but you need to be wary of saying a word or phrase that could have a sexual connotation.

5. Potential in-laws

This is on a par with meeting someone for a first date: meeting the parents of your boyfriend (or girlfriend) for the first time. You want to be polite and pleasant, yet not come across as a suck up.

So, when meeting them for the first time, in this case, try, “How are you, Mr. and Mrs. (blank)? (First name of boy friend or girl friend) has told me about you; it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Do not refer to them as mom or dad, or even by their first names, until they say that it is okay to do so.

By saying it is a pleasure to meet them you are being nice without going overboard. Also, by saying that their son/daughter has told you about them, you make the point that you know something about them, but not a lot. Saying you know a lot about them will ring false, even if it is true, and you want to afford them the chance to tell you more about themselves.

As you can see, what to say when meeting someone for the first time is important, but it need not be difficult. It all depends on who the person is and why you want to meet them.

What To Say When Meeting New People

It can be difficult knowing what to say when meeting new people. In our everyday lives, we all come across many people we do not know. Sometimes, we can ignore these people quite happily, but every once in a while you will notice someone you would like to say something to but have no clue as to what you could say to spark a conversation with them.

Believe it or not, starting a conversation with someone you do not know is easier than you might think. Here are some ideas that can help you with what to say when meeting new people.

1. Say something interesting

Part of knowing what to say begins with discovering what the other person is interested in. This discovery can actually become a lead to talking about mutual interests.

This is actually easier than you think. For example, anyone who plays golf wants to improve their game. If you are a golfer and have some pointers about the game this could be a topic to talk about when meeting someone new who is also a golfer.

2. Compliments

Complimenting someone is a sure way to get them to smile and acknowledge you. It will also open the door for you to start a conversation with them. Men are a little different to women when it comes to compliments, however. They do like them, but they like compliments about their abilities rather than their appearance. Women tend to smile at either kind of compliment, so long as you do mot appear overtly sexual about it.

3. Be courteous

Anytime you talk to anyone you should be courteous and this fact is even more so when meeting and talking to new people. When you are courteous in your conversation it sends the message to the other person that you have respect for other people. When first talking to someone you should always refrain from using foul and/or offensive language.

4. Use your surroundings

You may have to interest the other person if you want to engage them in a conversation with you, but you do not have to be too clever about it. When meeting new people, your aim should be in getting a conversation started. Say something which it is easy for the other person to respond to, such as using your surroundings.

You can remark upon an item of decor or the event which has brought you together. Make your comment positive and open-ended, so that the other person feels that their response is wanted and they can answer as they wish to.

5. Hello!

Although this is dealt with last, you should introduce yourself with a cheerful greeting right at the start of meeting new people. People will feel more connected to you if you have broken the ice and told them your name. They may not remember your name, and do not be offended if they do not, but the fact that you have given it to them will make you appear friendly and will make people feel more at ease in talking to you.

In this article you have learned some ideas about what to say when meeting someone new. But in doing so you should have discovered that it is not so much what you say that is important, so much as the fact that you need to be polite and courteous.

It is more of a matter of how you present yourself and how you speak to someone you have just met that counts. Practically any subject can make a good ice breaker so be creative and confident when you think about what you want to say when meeting new people.

What to Say when Introducing Yourself

It is said that first impressions are lasting impressions, so what to say when introducing yourself to someone can be critically important. You want to come across as friendly, yet not overly so; talkative, yet not dominate the conversation.

Here are some ways to find a balance and introduce yourself in a way that gives a good first impression:

1. Mention a mutual friend

When you are in the situation where you want to meet someone but you’re unsure as to how to break the ice, ask yourself if the two of you have a friend in common.

Even if that person is not there, you can walk up to the person and say, “Don’t you know so-and-so?” When they say yes, you can then use that as a springboard to introducing yourself to them.

2. Dive right in

On the other hand, if you see someone at a place (bar, social gathering, church meeting), and you do not know them at all, the direct approach can be the best. You just walk right up to the person and say, “How do you do? My name is (fill in the blank)” After that, you can then launch into what it is you want to talk to them about.

3. The business deal

If you are looking to talk to the person about a business matter, the key is to get to the point; you’re not going to win points by engaging in chitchat. Step up to the person, offer them your hand for a firm handshake, and say, “Good day, Mr/Ms (blank); my name is (blank). Could I speak to you for a moment?”

4. The flirt

When it comes to chasing a man/woman in a social setting for the purposes of a date, you want to be fun and flirty, but not lame.

In years gone past something like, “Hey, baby, what’s your (astrological) sign?” was the height of cool. A much better approach these days is the compliment. Or, if you’re in a museum or party or some other social setting, compliment something in the room.

In the case of the former, something like, “You have such lovely eyes.” Or if the person is very professional, “That is a sharp suit; where’d you get it?” would go down well. You can also always offer to buy them a drink.

With the latter situations, you could point out a very nice piece of artwork in the room or some other pleasant feature and say, “That piece of art is lovely; what do you think?”

In a place like a bookstore, asking someone their opinion as to a new book can also be a good way of introducing yourself to them: “I hear the new (blank) just came out. Have you read it?”

5. Reminding them

If you’ve met someone in the past, but they don’t remember you, the subtle reminder is what to say when introducing yourself to someone.

You could say, “I know you; we met at (fill in the blank).” If they don’t remember you, you simply tell them your name and mention details of your previous interaction.

6. Asking for directions

This can be most helpful when you want to meet someone in a totally generic location.

You see a man/woman in a diner, outside a store, on the street, and so on. With no hint as to their personality, stepping up to them and saying, “Excuse me, do you know where (blank) is?” can be a good icebreaker.

Next time you’re meeting someone for the first time, it can be an easy process. The key to knowing what to say when introducing yourself to someone is gauging the situation, and making use of the best item from this list.