Monthly Archives: March 2015

How to Speak with Clarity and Confidence

This is a great video featuring Matt Abrahams a lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Matt teaches strategic communication with an emphasis on practical skills you can apply in any context.

Watch this video and learn how to be more spontaneous in conversation with friends or colleagues and how to be more confident when it’s time to ensure your voice is heard.

10 Simple Ways to Keep a Conversation Going

Many people worry about how to approach people and start a conversation while others are more concerned about how to keep the conversation going. For that reason I have prepared a short slide show that shows you 10 effective ways to ensure you don’t get stuck for words.

Getting to know people can be fun, interesting and something to look forward to. Watch this slide show to see why this can be true for you.

The 7 Must See Videos on How to Make Small Talk

Small Talk can often seem difficult and a chore but it doesn’t have to be like that. Watch these 7 videos I selected for you and learn how to enjoy small talk while getting much better at it.

1 Minister Faust – How to Engage in Better Small Talk

2 Jeffrey Benjamin – The Art of Small Talk

3 Debra Fine – The Fine Art of Small Talk

4 Michaela Chung – Small Talk Hacks for Introverts

5 Philipa Perry – The Beauty of Small Talk

6 Entrepreneur Channel – Nothing to Say? Here’s How You Can Make Small Talk

7 Art of Manliness – How to Make Small Talk with Strangers