3 Quick and Easy Shyness Tips

If you have seen shows on the Animal Planet or the National Geographic channel showing the behavior of a doe or other animals when they veer away from human contact, this is how shyness is defined in animals. Shyness with humans is basically depicted the same way, and it occurs when there is a feeling of fear, embarrassment or uncertainty when speaking with or facing other people.

There are several causes, levels and ways of dealing with shyness. This quality, which is not always beneficial to an individual, can lead to a lot of missed social and professional opportunities if it is not overcome. Thus, if you are the ‘shy type’ and you feel that you are not getting the most out of life because of this aspect of your personality, you need to take steps in overcoming shyness. Take a look at the following shyness tips and some pointers on how to overcome shyness:

1. Just like any other type of fear, the first step in overcoming shyness is to recognize the problem and proactively decide to do something about it.

Shyness is a type of fear in the sense that you are afraid of doing or saying something that other people may misinterpret or laugh at. There are various aspects and causes of shyness depending on each individual. For others, shyness may be a simple fear or insecurity of being embarrassed in front of other people. For some, shyness may be an extreme condition which can cause discomfort to the individual and to other people as well.

Sometimes, extreme shyness may cause nervousness, palpitation, blushing, slurring in speech and a visible agitation in a person’s mannerisms. Just like any other fear, you can only manage to overcome shyness if you recognize the problem and the way that it is limiting your social and professional life. The next step, of course, is decide to confront shyness, meet the problem head-on and decide to do something about it.

2. Grab each opportunity to be with people and try to have a casual conversation to ‘practice’.

Shyness can easily be a state of mind. Your insecurities and fears are the two major factors that play part in the way that you think others will perceive you. If you do not go out there and at least try to overcome your shyness, you will never be comfortable when in the company of other people. Even a simple matter of asking for directions or explaining what you need can be hindered by shyness.

Thus, you need to grab each opportunity to be with people and have a go at practicing your mingling and conversational skills. If you get invited to a party or a gathering, go out and have fun. Do not let your insecurities get the better of you and think of it as a chance to overcome your shyness. Practice your conversational skills by making small talk with the people that you often encounter at work or in the neighborhood. This way, you can slowly but surely climb your way towards overcoming your shyness.

3. To make yourself feel comfortable when in the company of others, try to think of ways on how to make them feel comfortable in return.

Putting yourself in another person’s shoes is a great way of keeping a balanced view of any situation. If you are the shy party in a mutual conversation, think of how you will look like in the view of the person that you are speaking with.

If a person looks uncomfortable or agitated during the conversation, wouldn’t you feel sorry or uncomfortable yourself? On the other hand, if you try to look comfortable and manage to relax yourself by trying to make small talk when in the company of others – you can at least make them feel good enough to have a casual conversation with you.

By keeping in mind these three easy-to-follow shyness tips, you can be on your way towards overcoming shyness and enhance your social and professional relationship with other people.

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