3 Tips to Overcome Shyness

You can overcome shyness with these three simple steps. Every year, people the world over decide to pick characteristics about themselves to improve before
the next year begins.

These resolutions, from losing weight to getting that fabulous job you’ve always wanted, can afford a sense of purpose or inspiration for healthy life choices.

There are some, however, who choose a very difficult task for themselves: the task of overcoming shyness.

Shyness is the term given to feelings of anxiety or discomfort in social settings, and to the inability of a person to engage or interact fully with others. Shyness comes in various degrees and with different symptoms.

If you have vowed to be less shy here are some important tips to encourage your success!

#1. Be your own best friend.

Mental Health professionals tell us that any behavioral change requires support. Because the nature of a shy person is not to seek out or elicit attention from others, they often feel they have to fight their battle alone.

In the absence of a caring support group, you can nurture yourself with positive affirmations repeated daily. Be honest with yourself about all of the good qualities you have. A familiar adage says “you cannot love another until you love yourself”.

Positive interactions with others are more natural if you know how to have a positive interaction with yourself first.

#2. Leave comparisons behind.

A shy person tends never to be very conceited. On the other hand, a shy person also does not always have a firm grasp on self-esteem.

Excuses for not talking such as “I didn’t have anything important to say” or “Other people knew more than me and I did not want to seem silly” are self-defeating.

When you look at other people, you see only the good side they allow everyone to see. People do not tend to wear their hurt or worry on their sleeves, but that does not mean they do not exist.

As you are working to overcome shyness, try to remember that everyone is human. The life of the party is no more or less a person than the quietest guest. This even playing field affords respect for all comments and participants – even your own.

#3. Practice makes better.

There is no cure for shyness. At one point in your life, shyness may have benefited you because of circumstances you were dealing with at the time.

However, as you have made the decision to break free from shyness, it is important to look for little ways to practice being your more outgoing self. Talk with friends about new topics.

Introduce your own topic. You can begin to test your comfort zone with people you trust, talking to people you are less acquainted with as your confidence grows.

Sharing small bits of information about yourself at a time allows others to learn more about you, and reinforces that others can and will be interested in you.

As you talk with new people, you will learn new things about yourself that can only make thinking of things to say easier in the future.

As with any resolution, overcoming shyness will take a lot of time and dedication. There may be times when you feel more vulnerable than you would prefer, but these moments might offer you a chance to bond with another facing a similar challenge.

A positive attitude and patience with yourself will make all the difference in overcoming shyness as you emerge from your shell and into the company of people who are excited to get to know you.

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