4 Magical Conversation Tips

by Peter Murphy

The ability to converse easily and effectively can
frequently be a challenge and people often require a few
conversation tips to help them get started.

With the application of a few conversation tips you will be
surprised at how easily you can talk to people in
situations you may have previously just run away from.

Listed below are a few conversation tips to help you get
started conversing easily and confidently.

After reading these conversation tips you will see that a
conversation is more than an exchange of words between
people, it is an art that the truly successful people have

1 Give your undivided attention to the person you are
talking to. If the person you are talking to feels as
though you are not listening or too busy looking elsewhere,
they will assume you are not interested and end the
conversation there.

Be sure to ask questions to get the other person talking
about their opinions and give feedback to the answers.
However, be sure not to ask question after question.

You don’t want to engulf the person in so many questions
that they do not get the opportunity to learn how you feel
about the topic of discussion.

2 Your body language says more than the words you are
speaking. Fidgeting or playing with a loose article may
show disinterest. The last thing you want to happen is for
the person you are talking to get the wrong impression of

Crossing one’s arms often gives the appearance of being
closed off to what the other person is saying. Making eye
contact will aid in showing the person talking that you are
paying attention.

Now, this does not mean that you have to stare a person
down, but you do want to look at the person to show them
you are interested and listening. Paying attention to this
unspoken form of communication will help keep you from
sending the wrong message.

3 No matter what gets brought up during the conversation,
don’t start an argument. Part of a good conversation
involves the ability to listen and be listened to. It is
quite natural for people to have a difference of opinions.

When someone expresses a view or statement that bothers
you, give them their opportunity to talk. When it is your
turn to talk be sure to express that you understand each
person has their right to their opinion and don’t tell them
they are wrong.

This will most likely start an argument, and the person you
are arguing with may now see you as being disagreeable or
even obnoxious.

4 End the conversation on an upbeat, happy note. You want
the last thing this person remembers about you to be

It would be awful to have a person leave after a
conversation thinking negatively about you. You also want
to end the conversation before you run out of things to say.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than the point of a
conversation when there is no more conversation. The
awkward silence between you will leave a lasting impression
and will not end the conversation optimistically.

If you begin following these conversation tips on a regular
basis you will find yourself having more effective
conversations that aren’t as awkward and difficult as they
once were.

Being able to effectively communicate with others is an art
that, when mastered, will lead you to success in future
professional and personal endeavors.

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