5 Great Ways To Start A Super Conversation In A Group Situation

Starting a conversation is not always easy. Especially
when you don´t feel comfortable with the people you are
conversing with. There could be an eerie feeling of
awkwardness at the start of the interaction unless you know
the five secrets…

Here are five secrets to starting a great conversation with
a group of people:

1. Get everyone involved.

When starting a conversation, introducing people to each
other could be necessary. That is if you don´t know each
other or some of those present don´t.

Then, connect one of your group to the topic you are
talking about by inviting him to contribute. Or you might
simply relate one person to another with their
commonalities to encourage dialogue.

2. Choose a topic.

When starting your conversation, choose a general topic.
One that everyone can relate to. This will let everyone
feel that they belong. This is a great way to encourage
everyone to share ideas.

3. Do not drill with questions.

This should be avoided especially when asking one person
only. The person may feel that he or she is facing a
firing squad. Asking too many questions to a person may
let him or her feel uncomfortable.

By doing so you might give that person a reason to leave
the conversation. The others may also feel uncomfortable
with this – they might think that they will be asked next!

4. Break the ice.

At first, there may be awkwardness among the group. You
can work to break the ice. Each one of the members is just
waiting for someone to do this. You can do this by
cracking a joke to make them laugh. You can also start by
telling a story. This may lead them to share their story,
too. Then, everything will follow.

5. Ask open-ended questions.

These require a more than yes or no answer. These
questions will make the flow of your conversation much
smoother if done intelligently. These questions can even
lead you to another topic.

Asking questions allows you to quickly test the waters to
see which topics people are interested in discussing. Just
be careful to ask with a pleasing tone.

It is not necessary that you use all of these tips or to
use them in order. You can choose which ones are most
appropriate for the situations you find yourself in. What
matters is using these tips to kick off a conversation on a
positive upbeat tone.

Have a great week!

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy is a peak performance expert. He recently
revealed the secret strategies all high achievers use to
communicate with charm and impact. The same techniques you
can use to overcome shyness, develop great conversation
skills and build self-confidence.