5 Practical Shyness Tips

We all experience a little shyness at times with people who
we find intimidating. Here are some useful suggestions and
ideas that can help you overcome shyness and speak up when
you need to in order to achieve your goals…

1. Shyness is a problem for millions of people around the
world and unfortunately, there is not a magic potion that
will eliminate shyness or one simple suggestion that can be
of assistance to all shy people.

If you want to overcome shyness and improve your social
life, you will have to be flexible and try various things
that may be helpful for you personally.

The things that are of the most help to some shy people
will not work as well for others. Trial and error and a
desire to succeed are the keys to finding what works best
for you.

2. Shy people should practice their conversational skills
and never leave home without at least a mental list of
interesting, possible topics of conversation.

A good conversationalist is always prepared with topics of
conversation that may be of interest to the people they
know they will encounter in a certain situation.

3. Remember to ask friends and colleagues about previously
mentioned plans and activities. Current events, the
weather, and local news are always good conversation

Always be well prepared for any social situation. A little
advance planning can reduce your anxiety immensely.

Following a few simple shyness tips can be very beneficial
to you in your quest to overcome shyness.

4. If you suffer from extreme shyness, a good shyness tip
is to explain the problem to those you encounter on a
regular basis.

People tend to be very understanding and helpful if you
explain the problem in a way that simply lets them know you
are shy, and not in a way designed to gain sympathy.

There are two types of shyness.

Those who are obviously shy and tend to shake, sweat, and
become visibly uncomfortable in social situations and those
who simply avoid eye contact, are unusually quiet, and tend
to look at the floor.

The average person may draw the wrong conclusion about
those who are not so obviously shy. You may appear to be
aloof or arrogant to others unless you simply explain your
shyness to those closest to you.

5. While on the path to overcoming shyness, make sure to
reward yourself for small accomplishments along the way. It
doesn’t have to be a huge reward or a big celebration, just
a pat on the back or special treat will do very nicely.

Another often-overlooked shyness tip is to go out of your
way to be helpful to others. Shyness tends to make people
totally absorbed with themselves and their own problems.

Learning to make the effort to assist other people in small
ways will do wonders for your self-esteem and give you
confidence in how you interact with new people. Making
others feel special is a great way to lessen you anxiety
and difficulty carrying on a conversation.

While practicing the shyness tips you have learned, don’t
go overboard and try to change every negative personality
trait at one time. Pick one skill at a time and practice
the new skill until it becomes natural and habitual.

Then move on to the next thing you’d like to change. Keep
tackling and mastering one skill at a time until you
overcome your shyness and learn to function in any social

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