5 Super Topics of Conversation

Conversations can be a little difficult and stilted when you first meet someone or start to talk to them online. What you need are topics of conversation that are fun to talk about so that you can both relax and enjoy getting to know each other better. That’s why different forms of entertainment are such good topics of conversation. They also might provide you with ideas for a future date! At least you will find out what you both like to watch, listen to and do for entertainment.

Here are a few topics of conversation to help you to get to know the other person better and have some fun as well; who knows where the conversation my lead!

1. Music

A good topic of conversation is about what music styles the person you are talking to likes. You can also ask if they have a favorite musician or group or a favorite CD. You may find that you share musical tastes in common, which would be nice and a conversation started in this way can easily progress to talking about different clubs you have visited or concerts that you have been to. Perhaps it may lead to you asking the other person on a date to an upcoming gig.

2. Movies

Movies are a great topic of conversation as almost everyone has at least a few movies which they liked a lot and remember well. They will associate these movies with happy times and so the mood of  your conversation is more likely to be light and happy. Talk about your all-time favorite movies or actors and actresses or the movies that you have seen recently. Discussing what movies you like will also show something of your personality and that of the person you are talking to, so you can see more closely how compatible you are. Again, this could lead to a date or at least a fun and friendly time out at your local cinema.

3. Books

These days, fewer people seem to read, but if you would rather curl up with a good book than stare at the silver screen, try asking what types of books the other person likes to read or whether they have read a book that seems to be all the rage at the moment.

4. Television

For the vast majority of people, watching television is the pastime that they spend most time on. In fact, many adults spend more hours watching TV than they do doing anything else, including sleeping. Asking about TV programmes that a person watch is pretty much guaranteed to lead to a conversation. Whether it’s ‘CSI’, ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘Lost’ or some other TV series, the chances are that you will find that you have some viewing pleasure in common.

5. Sport

You don’t have to be some great athlete to enjoy talking about sport. Many people are avid armchair fans of some sport or other. Talking about your favorite sport and the players allows you to see if you share team loyalties or maybe you both just like shouting at the referee; either way it can be fun to chat about.

So, armed with these five topics of conversation, you should be able to feel confident talking to anyone on or offline informally. You will have something to open a conversation with on which the other person will feel comfortable about replying; from there, there are many follow-up questions which you can ask about any or all of these topics of conversation to keep the chat flowing.