6 Common Traits Of Confident People

What is confidence?

Confidence is simply a matter of believing in who you are as
a person and what you can do. It gives you the strength to
achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Confidence is an integral component of any healthy and
successful person. Having a good self image and the ability
to take responsibility for your actions are key components
of confidence.

Confidence is not a matter of feeling superior to others or
putting other people down in order to feel better about
yourself. In fact, people with the most confidence have an
uncanny ability to see the good in the people around them
and to encourage them in their endeavors without jealousy.
All confident people share several characteristics.

Let’s have a look at those common characteristics of
confident people right now.

1. Self belief

Confident people simply believe that they can succeed and do
what they set out to do. They are able to define goals for
themselves and to take steps to obtain them. Their self
belief allows them to rise to any challenge. Believing in
yourself is a powerful force, motivating and empowering.

2. Assertiveness

All confident people have the courage to be assertive enough
to stand up for themselves and their beliefs. Even if their
opinion is considered unpopular, confident people will stand
up for what they believe in. Being assertive isn’t about
being aggressive or bullying. It is about stating what you
think and sticking to your own beliefs, not being swayed by
what other people think.

3. Optimism

Confident people have a realistic view of their future. They
can recognize that even bad situations will eventually right
themselves and that difficulties can be overcome with
sensible plans. They have the ability to see the light at
the end of the tunnel and plan their journey toward it.
Optimism allows confident people to believe that they will
be OK, no matter how bad the current situation.

4. Liking yourself

Learn to love yourself. Confident people have realistic
self-images. They can look at themselves and find things
they like. They don’t focus on the negative, instead
realizing the things that they do well.

However, they also recognize aspects of themselves on which
they have to improve and through improving these things,
they thus become stronger and more confident.

5. Taking responsibility

Confident people have the courage to take responsibility for
their own actions. When they make a mistake, they own up to
and admit they are wrong. They have the ability to learn
from their mistakes and make the changes needed to avoid the
same mistakes in the future. That in turn increases their
self confidence.

6. Complimenting others

Confident people have the ability to see the good and
positive things about the people that surround them without
feeling jealous. A confident person will celebrate the
accomplishments of friends, not get angry about them.

Confident people tend to be more successful in life. They
stand out from the crowd, have better personal relationship
and tend to perform better at school or at work. If you find
yourself lacking in confidence, it is a great idea to take a
look at the confident people around you and to mimic some
of their behavior.

Believe in yourself to make success more likely.  Be
assertive about your opinions and view to make yourself
heard. Be optimistic to realize that there is a solution to
every problem. Learn to like yourself for who you really are
and realize others like you for the same reasons. Take
responsibility for your actions and learn from your

Finally, compliment the people around you without jealousy
to create long lasting positive relationships. These are the
actions of a confident person who is sure to be successful
and happy at whatever he does. That is the real strength you
get from knowing what is confidence.


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