A Surprising But True Story

Change CAN happen in an instant. Let
me tell you a true story that illustrates this point.

A number of years ago I worked in a crowded office for
a huge global corporation. One day I turned up for
work just like any other day but something was

Chris, a guy who worked in the same department had
changed overnight – as if by magic. He was walking
differently, talking differently and he even looked a
little different.

From my desk I could hear him speaking on the phone
and his voice had taken on a different quality – he
spoke with greater authority and certainty. And, his
voice was deeper, fuller and more resonant.

This was all
very strange.

Chris walked past my desk a few times and the way he
moved had changed. For some reason he stood straighter
and moved with greater purpose than he used to.

Even weirder. His face looked a little different. He
seemed more relaxed and he was smiling and laughing
more than usual.

Interestingly, the people he spoke to seemed very
attentive to whatever he was saying and happy to do as
he suggested.

What had caused this instant overnight change?

I discovered later in the day that he had got a
promotion! He now had a new job title and new duties.


A change in self perception, not the job
change, had changed his behavior in a flash.

Now, the point of this story is that a change in how
you view yourself can change how you think, how you
feel and how you behave… in an instant.

Change your self image and your behavior will change
to reflect that. And when you behave with greater
confidence and self belief others become more
responsive to what you say. Why? Because your
communication has greater authority.

Pay attention to this point.

The slow, difficult way to change your self image is
to wait, nervously, for a few years in the hope of a
promotion like Chris did.

The easy, fast way is to boost your self esteem today
and enjoy the benefits right away. Change your self
esteem and you will have a warm inner glow of
self-appreciation that draws people to you. When you
feel great about yourself it is almost impossible not
to be confident, dynamic and happy.

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esteem. It is very easy once you know how. I reveal
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