About Peter W. Murphy

Peter Murphy is a peak performance expert and the author of several very well received books on personal development. This blog is his online home for articles about communicating with confidence and letting your true personality shine.

His popular online training course is available at: http://www.howtotalkwithconfidence.com


4 thoughts on “About Peter W. Murphy

  1. Nina

    I found your book “Always Know What to Say” very helpful. I think my husband would also enjoy reading it, but I have a problem. He is blind and Kindle or other readers do not work for him. He would be able to read a PDF or perhaps another electronic version. Would it be possible to get it in this format?

  2. Don Philabaum

    Hi Peter,

    We produce a webinar series for alumni associations and wanted to see if you would be interested in being a featured speaker in the fall on any of your books.


  3. admin Post author

    Thank you for your interest, Don.

    I simply don’t have the time to do interviews and unfortunately it doesn’t fit with my current plans.
    It looks like you run good programs, best of luck with the fall webinars.

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