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5 Easy Ways to Start a Good Conversation Effortlessly

Would you like 5 simple ways to start a great conversation with anyone you meet? In this slide show I’ll show you easy to apply tips I learned from people who shine in conversation.

If you copy the approach popular people use you can quickly improve your communication skills and make a great first impression when you meet people.

This is a must watch slide show. Enjoy it and make sure to practice what you learn.

10 Funny Conversation Starters for Every Situation

Meeting new people can be very enjoyable when you have something funny to say, humour is a great ice breaker that can make people warm to you and keen to get to know you. In this slide show I show you 10 funny conversation starters you can use to get people talking.

Deliver these lines with energy and enthusiasm and you’ll find that people are open to responding in a light hearted way.