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6 Great Ways to Improve Your Social Skills

Great social skills are the key to life long success and happiness because when you can socialise with confidence people will like and trust you.

There are 6 important principles to focus on if you want to improve your social skills, watch this slide show to learn more.

The Top 7 Communication Blogs To Start The Week

Here are the top 7 communication articles I found today on blogs around the internet. Check out these inspirational and educational blog posts.

1. A great post where communication consultant speak on How to communicate your credibility to generate business.

2. Ian’s Messy Desk has a good post about controlling your body language for effective communication.

3. Lindsey Pollak talks on Why Shy People Make Great Networkers in her cool blog. 

4. Learn boosting your self esteem with Emotional Freedom Techniques from the EFT Joy blog.

5. Social Skills for Children with ADD found in Adult ADD Strengths blog.

6. talks about school is good for building social skills.

7. Elliot Lee has an interesting post about Geek’s Social Skills.