How to Deal with People You Don`t Like

When it comes to how to deal with people you don’t like, there are several options available to you. The key element for you to consider is this: are you looking to learn to like them, or not? Let’s look at what you can do.

1. Why don`t you like them?

Ask yourself: what is it about this person that you don’t like? Is it their appearance, their voice grates on you, their political or social views? Maybe you don’t care for their religion or their lack of religion. Do you not agree with how they’re raising their children, or are they critical of how you are raising yours?

Identify the traits about the person that annoy you, and then ask yourself why that’s the case. Are these things that you can deal with; can you learn to ignore or accept these aspects?

2. Show them another way

If you don’t like someone because of (as an example) their political views, try introducing them to yours. You need to be subtle about this; do it in a friendly and non-threatening fashion. If they suspect that you are trying to unduly influence them, they may react in a negative fashion. So, try to do it in a light and jovial manner.

3. Focus on the positive

In the event you can’t get the person (or people) to change those things about them that you do not like, try to look on their good qualities. What are the things about them that you do like? Maybe you have a friend who is great to work with at the local community theater on stage plays, but you can’t stand him otherwise. So, keep your relationship strictly within that arena, and avoid him in other social settings.

4. Introduce them to other people

This goes hand in hand with the idea of changing those aspects of the person you do not like. By introducing the person to other people who have attributes you do like, you can help to encourage the person to emulate those people.

Or, another thing you can try is introducing the person to people who have the same feature you don’t like about them – only to a much greater degree.

You could call this the: giving them a taste of their own medicine treatment. For some people, seeing what is wrong with them illustrated by the actions of others can have a very powerful affect. It can be a real eye-opening experience, and inspire them to change.

5. Cut them off

This is the most severe means of how to deal with people you don’t like, but sometimes it must be done. Simply stop seeing them.

If the person is at work, seriously consider getting a new job. Or, if the person is a co-worker, talk to your boss about transferring you or the person to another department.

If this person is someone you see socially – stop seeing them. In the event they are connected with a group that you can’t cut off, minimize the direct interaction you have with the person. This can mean dropping your membership in a group, or maybe no longer serving on a committee within the group, but if you truly can’t find a way to tolerate someone you don’t like, then it has to be done.

So, that should have given you ideas on how to deal with people you don’t like. It is up to you to make use of the way that works best for you. Examine yourself and the people in question, and then select the best means for dealing with the situation.