Do you want approval from people?

Let go of needing their approval!

A secret to great communication is to let go of wanting approval
from others. When you no longer need their approval your nerves
will vanish, your self-confidence will soar and you´ll exude

I often mention this principle because it is so important. As
long as you must have the permission, approval and
acceptance of your peers you are a victim of their limiting

You must let go of wanting approval if you are to ever have
peace of mind.

The easiest way is to learn The Sedona Method. To get started
right now ask yourself — could I let go of wanting John´s
approval? Where John is the name of the negative person.

Notice the feeling response that comes up for you and repeat the
question for at least twenty minutes until you feel lighter and
more at peace.

Do this regularly to reclaim your independence from negative

Go to this free site now to learn how to let go of wanting approval.