Hold Your Head Up to Improve Low Confidence

Low confidence can affect almost every aspect of your life.
It can sap you of energy, make you depressed and make school
or work difficult. There are many strategies for dealing
with low confidence.

These things all work if you put the effort into them. There
is one simple thing you can do to improve your confidence
level. It is something you have probably never considered.
It is such a simple thing that it is often overlooked.

What is it? Simple:

1. Hold your chin up high

That’s right. Simply changing your posture will improve your
low confidence level. The act of consciously standing tall
and holding your head high has two main benefits.

Confident people have good posture. They stand up tall and
walk with purpose. When you see someone who holds their head
up, no matter what the situation, what do you think about
them? You most likely have an immediate reaction of respect
for them.

Being someone who can face adversity in the eye shows the
world they have the strength and confidence in themselves to
do so. When you do the same, stand tall, hold your head high
and walk with purpose, you are broadcasting to the world
around you that you are a confident person.

So, make a conscious effort to do so. No matter what you
feel like inside, constantly remind yourself to stand
straight. If you find yourself in a difficult situation and
find your shoulders slumping downward, straighten up. It
will broadcast a feeling of confidence to the world around

2. Put your shoulders back and take a few good deep breaths

That will help to calm your nerves and clear your head,
helping you think clearly and feel calm. The pause it gives
you will also give you time to collect your thoughts and
think what you want to do or say.

3. Act out confident behaviors

It is a simple fact of psychology that performing a behavior
will often make it true. This means that acting confident
will lead to feeling confident. It sounds odd that something
as simple as standing tall can change the way you view
yourself, but science actually proves it can.

Think of the studies on smiles. It has been proven that
people who smile more often are happier, even people who
smile when they do not feel like it are happier. So, act
confident by standing tall and you will soon find that you
do not have to act confident at all, you will simply be

4. Look people in the eye

Don’t stare, of course, but don’t be afraid to make
comfortable eye contact, either. This will make you appear
more confident and people will respond to this respectfully.
If they respect you, you will feel better and your
confidence will increase.

5. Use hand gestures intelligently

Appropriate use of hand gestures can highlight your words
and make people more likely to listen to you. That should
really boost your confidence. However, be careful not to
overdo your hand gestures as that can make you look a little
desperate and increase your nerves. Careful, pertinent hand
gestures will make you look and feel authoritative.

There are many other techniques that you can use to improve
your self-confidence. None of them are as easy as standing
tall. The old phrase ‘keep your chin up, kid’ actually has a
lot of merit to it. Holding your chin up will make the
people around you believe that you have a lot of confidence
in yourself.

More importantly, over time, holding up your chin will make
you believe you have confidence. In fact, you will have
confidence.  Learn to hold your head up high, no matter what
situation you are faced with. It will improve your
confidence level in no time at all.

Before long high self confidence will be part of who you are!


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