How to Build Self Confidence

If you find yourself lacking self confidence, don’t despair
because you can learn how to build self confidence. By
learning how to build self confidence you can make your
dreams come true.

How to build self confidence is not something you are born
with, but rather a skill you can acquire. Many people
believe a prerequisite for high self confidence is success,
talent, intelligence, beauty or popularity.

Although social acceptance does help build self esteem in
individuals, it does not create it. If you are struggling
with your self image and want to learn how to increase your
self confidence in order to be self assured and proud of
yourself, simply implement the following rules into your
daily life.

1. Make a list! Build your self confidence by making a list
of the things you like about yourself. Everyone has talents
and the key is to identify yours and acknowledge them!
Whether you are great at multi-tasking or gardening,
recognize your strengths and take pride in them.

2. Accept yourself! When you are happy with yourself and
accomplishments you will have self confidence. Allow
yourself to be proud of your accomplishments, even small
ones, and your self esteem will have a strong foundation.

3. Get involved! Teach a class, volunteer in the community
or become a mentor. After acknowledging your strengths,
find a way to share them with others. Your self confidence
will soar when you share your strengths and talents with

4. Be realistic! Being honest with yourself and
capabilities will take you a long way down the road to self

Demand the best of yourself, but do not demand something
that is unattainable. Strive to be the best you can be and
you will succeed!

5. Give yourself a chance! Set realistic goals and make a
plan to achieve them. If the plan does not work out, keep
the ultimate goal in sight and revise the plan.

Just because a plan does not work does not mean you cannot
attain your goal. It just means you might need to take a
different road to get there.

6. Be positive! Eliminate negativity from your life. If
your friends and family, or even yourself, are always
negative and unsupportive your self esteem will likely

Make sure you have a support group that encourages you and
helps you build and maintain your self confidence. Also,
support yourself by staying positive.

As you can see, you are only a few steps away from
attaining the self confidence to engage in any of the
activities that once intimidated you.

And, the above rules are not difficult to learn and do not
require a lot of hard work. Simply make yourself a
priority, take pride in your accomplishments and celebrate
your uniqueness.

Recognizing and sharing your talents will make your self
esteem sky rocket and you will finally learn how to build
self confidence.

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