How To Communicate Better

Want To Know How To Communicate Better?

This is an essential skill because when you know how to communicate better new doors open up for you.

One great way is to discover how to handle rude people! If you can handle them you can deal with just about anyone. Read on to learn how to communicate better…

How To Deal With Rude People
by Peter Murphy

Where I live there seems to be a a growing population of
rude and vulgar people. And no matter how hard I wish for
things to change it is not going to happen. It is up to me
to change how I think and feel about these people. The same
applies for you.

1 What Does It Mean When Someone Is Rude?

Your initial angry reaction may be to think the person is a
moron but that only makes matters worse as it will comes
across in the way you talk.

I prefer to view such behavior as evidence that the person
is doing the best he can with what he has. This belief
makes it easier for you to accept the person even though
you may not like his approach.

Look for the good in people and you are a lot more likely
to find it.

This is a secret that those who know how to communicate better use.

2 Is It Your Fault?

When you encounter vulgarity it is worth pausing to ask
yourself have you encouraged this behavior. Maybe you
played along with this gutter talk in the past so the
person thinks you do not mind it.

Or perhaps you have done something that has annoyed the
person so much they cannot control their anger and

In either of these cases it is best to slowly lead the
person back to a polite discussion. You can do this by
asking highly specific questions that force the person to
slow down and think before replying.

When you know how to communicate better this becomes automatic.

If you honestly did not do anything to encourage the
rudeness you are clearly dealing with someone who
habitually talks in this way.

Unless you can change the person you just have to accept
him or her as they are.

3 What Can You Do?

Ultimately you have a choice – avoid dealing with vulgar
people where possible or join them!

Only joking!

Seriously though. If you cannot avoid them you need to
remember how to take charge of conversations. Plus you need
to ensure you remain strong and unaffected by their manner.

In the meantime you can achieve quite a lot by
distinguishing between the person and the way they deliver
their message to you.

Look beyond their words to the real message they are trying
to convey.

We all have a bad day now and again maybe you just bumped
into them while they were stuck at a low point.

Adopt a positive outlook and rudeness will not bother you
as much. And as you appreciate the finer points of how to
communicate better it does get easier over time.

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