How To Communicate Well Under Pressure

People who have great communication skills can communicate well despite being under pressure. Notice the great public relations officers out there. Despite being bombarded with controversial issues, they are still able to remain graceful under such pressure. If you want to be one of these communications experts then you might want to keep in mind the following tips.

1. Learn how to bluff. One of the great skills in Poker is the bluff. You are pretending to have something that you do not. If you have a two and a seven that are off suit, you can always pretend that you have two aces. No one knows.

If you are going to be a good communicator, you have to learn how to bluff. You have to learn how to bluff that you are not nervous. Even if you are nervous or under pressure, you have to look like you are not nervous and pressured. You have to look cool and calm. The moment you break under pressure spells the end of you.

2. Breathe deeply. If you want to relieve some pressure off of you then you have to take deep breaths. Deep breathing allows your body to calm down and it allows you to be one with the universe for a moment in time.

You are going to feel instant serenity when you take deep breaths in the middle of nowhere. If you are feeling very pressured then you might want to take some deep breaths from time to time. This will certainly alleviate the pressure that you are experiencing.

3. Speak clearly. No matter how pressured you are and no matter how many people are watching you, you have no right to slur and stutter in your speech. If you are feeling pressured then you have to take the time to say your words clearly and succinctly. If you rush things and speak in a hurry then you are only going to say things that are probably incomprehensible and gibberish.

You should take the time to say your words loud and clear. If you do not take your time to do this and you rush your sentences, you are only going to make a fool out of yourself and to make matters worse, you are going to get more and more pressured.

4. Avoid mannerisms. If you have a bad habit of scratching your nose or twirling your hair then you might want to keep your hands in check. If you are pressured and you continue to manifest these mannerisms then you are simply going to make yourself look more nervous and more foolish. If you want to look poised and proper when talking to someone then you have to appear calm. Do not allow these mannerisms to take over your social life.

5. Do not space out. There is a tendency for people to completely say nothing when they are pressured. If you have the habit of spacing out then you should certainly find a way to stop it. It is not amusing and you can completely make a fool out of yourself. If you are about to space out then it would be better if you excuse yourself instead.

Do not allow pressure to get to you. If you can work well under pressure then you must be able to speak well under pressure as well. You have to be able to speak clearly despite being in the hot seat. You must be able to communicate despite being in the middle of an argument or a debate.

Your ability to manage pressure will be the lifeblood of your ability to communicate well. Your communication skills are highly dependent on the way you manage pressure so make sure that you manage it well.