How to Deal with Loud People

In life, you’re going to find that there are some people who are just plain loud; their volume control seems to be stuck on maximum. So, how to deal with loud people? Here are a few ideas.

1. Talk to them

Depending on the person, you might be able to just talk to them and resolve the issue. Maybe they do not know that they are being loud, or maybe they are doing it as a means of compensating for something.

Do they feel that they are being ignored, do they have insecurity issues that need to be dealt with? Maybe they feel threatened by you, which can be a common problem in an office or business setting.

By talking, you may get to the root of the problem and thus deal with it.

2. Talk to a third party or someone higher up

If you are unable to resolve the issue with the person, then talk to someone above them. This can be a supervisor at work, a parent or a friend. It is possible that the loud person will listen to the other person, particularly if you are in a business situation and that person is the loud person’s boss.

3. Drown them out

When all else fails, you can make use of an iPod or other musical device to prevent the loud person from bothering you.

4. Document your efforts

When it comes to how to deal with loud people who are your neighbors, that is where you have to be cautious. These days, people can be upset and even enraged over the littlest of things. So, there are a series of things you should do when confronting a loud neighbor.

First, follow step one: go talk to them, and try to be calm and friendly about the situation. If you come across as confrontational, you will never get anywhere with them. If things go well, great. No matter how things go, once you get home, write up your notes on the meeting, include the date, and put them in a file.

Next, if the loudness keeps being a problem, write a letter to the neighbor. Again, do not write a mean or nasty letter; keep it clear and simple and not insulting.

After that, if the problem continues, keep a diary of each incident. Write down everything: date, time, how long the loud noises went on, and make note of any witnesses to the incident. Use all of this information for the next step.

5. Try mediation

Make use of a neutral third party: maybe another neighbor, a mutual friend, a local minister or social worker. Sit down with them and try to negotiate a resolution to the problem. If that doesn’t do it, move on to step six.

6. Contact the authorities

Many communities have rules that cover noise levels; granted, they usually only apply to nighttime – after a certain hour – but it could be a start. Check with your local law enforcement to see what the laws are, and what your options are in reporting your neighbors for making too much noise.

7. File a lawsuit

Granted, this is going to extremes, but sometimes it is all you can do. You may or may not need a lawyer, but you can file suit in court against the people who are too loud. This is where all of your documentation will come in handy; so be sure to keep track of all of your efforts up to this point.

As you can see, there are numerous methods for how to deal with loud people. So, assess the situation, and then select the way best suited to you and them.


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