How to Deal with People that Annoy You

How to deal with people that annoy you can be a vitally important issue. Whether at home or at the office, a person who consistently annoys you can affect your physical and mental well-being, so consider carefully a means of dealing with them.

1. Identify the problem

Sit down and ask yourself: what is it about this person that annoys you? Do they always hum the same tune at a meeting? Do they dress in a completely inappropriate manner? Is it their political, social and/or religious views that bother you?

Next, ask yourself if the issue is truly something worth getting bothered about. This may be linked to how important the person is in your life.

If it’s your spouse, and he loves to listen to Britney Spears while he writes – try to be tolerant. Just slip on your own iPod and chill out to your favorite music.

If the person is a co-worker who smokes at lunch or picks his nose – sit somewhere else at a meal or try not to look at him when he does that.

2. Talk to them

In some cases, the person may not know that what they’re doing is bothering you. So, when it comes to how to deal with people that annoy you, a simple means of fixing the issue is to simply tell them about it.

The effectiveness of this method will perhaps be linked to how important the person is to you, and you are to them. A spouse, family member or close friend might be quite open to trying to change; a boss or co-worker, not so much.

Just the fact that you made the effort to talk to them can help; it gets things out in the open, and if the annoying person is a co-worker, this will help you later on.

3. Go higher up

If you’re having trouble with a co-worker, try talking to your boss. Or, if it’s a sibling, then you might be able to get your parents to help with the problem.

However, always be sure that you first try to resolve the issue with the person first. If not, then going over their heads can make you look like a complainer, someone who is not willing to try and work the problem out.

3. Show them their problem

Sometimes, the best way to get someone to stop doing something annoying is to hold a mirror up to their face, metaphorically speaking.

You can do this by a game of role-reversal, and thus you act like them and illustrate what it is that they do that’s so annoying. You can also expose the person to other people who do the same annoying thing as they do, and hope that they see just how bothersome they are.

4. Reduce contact

If you can’t get the person to stop or change what it is that you find annoying about them, then trying to minimize your contact with them. If the person is at work, try to avoid working with them, and don’t meet with them socially.

5. Eliminate them from your life

This is the most extreme means of dealing with them, but sometimes you have no other way of stopping them from annoying you. This can means not seeing them socially if they’re a friend or letting them go from your office (if you can do that), or maybe you finding a new job.

How to deal with people that annoy you can be resolved in any of a number of ways. It is up to you to opt for the method best suited to your situation.