How To Deal With People Who Think They Are Better Than You

Unfortunately in our society there are people who seem to think they are better than everyone else. These people tend to talk about their greatness in such a way as to make themselves sound better than those around them.

These people can be difficult to deal with, especially if you don`t have the tools to deal with them within our communications tool box. However, before we look in our tool box of communication strategies let us first look at ourselves.

1. Deal with your own fear

Upon examination of our reactions to people who think they are better than us, we may find issues of fear within ourselves. These can greatly affect us when it comes to how we process and react to those we perceive as thinking they are better than everyone else.

The question then becomes: “why am I affected by that person who sees themselves as being superior?” And the root of that answer will always relate to a fear within ourselves. All fear is intimately entwined into our self-confidence.

Self-confidence is how we see ourselves and in turn it helps us in how we see the world around us and how deal with those “I am better than you” personalities.

2. Positive self-presentation

As was mentioned in the previous paragraph how you see yourself will determine how you see and react to the world around you, including dealing with people who think they are better than you.

If you lack the presentation of self-confidence you will be more susceptible to the feeling of inferiority from a person who likes to think of him or herself as superior and this in turn can prevent you from really getting to know that person.

3. They Can be Turned Off

Believe it or not the people who think themselves superior to you can be turned off just like a switch, so they no longer bother you. They can be neutralized.

However, to do this takes the skill of effective listening and questioning skills, and at the right time. To listen effectively requires you to turn off judgment and nearly hang on to every word that they are saying.

Keep in mind that the person who tries to act superior to you has a deep desire for acceptance and by you listening they may feel that acceptance. This acceptance can then sometimes minimize their tendency to try to make themselves feel superior to you.

4. Challenging statements of superiority

This is another and more assertive technique that can be used in quelling the superior personality. Often these personality types will attempt to top any life experience that others express in a conversation. For example, the fish they caught will be bigger than the one you did. Basically, their statements will always be to top the experiences of other people, whether they are involved in the conversation or not.

Listen to what these personality types are saying. You can question their experience as they present it. And through questioning you can quiet frequently find discrepancies in what they are saying and expose the truth, at least in your own mind.

And sometimes once they realize you have discovered a fallacy they will recoil and be careful of what they present in front of you in the future.

We have looked at some things we can do to more effectively deal with those people that think they are better than you are. The bottom line is that you will not always be able to avoid the person that feels themselves to be superior but you can always learn how to deal with people who think they are better than you.