How to Deal With People Who Think They Know Everything

We have all come across people who think they know everything. Usually, they like to tell us how they know so much and make us feel like we are inferior, which is what makes it difficult to communicate with them.

These arrogant personalities are perhaps the most difficult types of people to deal with. The most important thing about the person who thinks they know everything is that they lack humility. Knowing that is the key to learning how to deal with these people.

1. No one knows everything

That is true. What makes you think that the arrogant person actually knows any better than you? It could just be that they don’t, so you have no call to feel inferior to them. You are perfectly entitled to state your views too.

2. Give the benefit of the doubt

This is linked to the first point. You need to listen to what the other person is saying so that you don’t miss out on any important information or knowledge that they can pass on to you, especially if you don`t have the facts to disprove what the other person is saying.

Even if you do have the facts to dispute what the arrogant person is telling you, sometimes it is best not to challenge the person because this could cause them to resent you and thus create other relational problems between them and you.

3. Learn to shrug it off

Sometimes it is best just to shrug off what an arrogant person who seems to think they know everything is saying rather than confront them.

Arrogant people are that way because of an innate need to be correct. Perhaps when they were young, adults were always telling them they were wrong about what they knew as they were growing up. This would be especially true if one of the parents was a know it all themselves.

Being so arrogant is a state of mind that can be extremely difficult to break through, particularly if it is rooted in your self-image. In these cases it is often best to just shrug off what the arrogant person is saying, especially if that person is a friend, or if itĀ isn’t important to prove them wrong.

4. Laugh about it

Sometimes, you will know that what the arrogant person is saying is not true. Know it alls can actually be funny people because even in the face of opposing facts they have a very hard time letting go of their own belief.

Sometimes laughing about the fallacies of an arrogant person can actually show them their own foolishness in a polite and fun way.

Besides, laughing is a good way to defuse an arrogant person who might be a participant in an important and critical conversation, but who has a hard time seeing the viewpoints of others.

5. Remove yourself from the conversation

If you find that the arrogant person is beginning to irritate you, walk away. Know it alls can be a bit exasperating, especially when they don`t change a belief when contradictory facts are presented to them.

Sometimes they are so convinced that their own position is correct that they will become hostile in the defense of that position. When this happens it is best just to walk away rather than feed into and challenge the hostility.

Dealing with people who think they know everything can be a challenging endeavor and rather irritating. Few people like those people who think they know everything and many people will do all they can to avoid such personalities.

But these are a few techniques you can use to deal with people who think they know it all, achieve what you want from the conversation and keep your sanity too.