How To Deal With People You Can`t Stand

Just like there are going to be people who don`t like you there are also going to be people you don`t like, and even can`t stand. We have all been around that person who just has a way of getting under our skin. Then when the person we can`t stand speaks, often our skin crawls.

We are all familiar with this scenario because it has happened to us all at one time or other. But there are things you can do to help you deal with people you can`t stand.

1. Remember no one is perfect

Everyone has quirks and flaws in their personality and behavior. However, this is no real reason to dislike someone.

If you dislike someone so strongly, the chances are you dislike something about them that you see in yourself and dislike. We are attracted to those who reflect what we like in ourselves and are repelled by those who reflect what we don`t like about ourselves. When we don`t like someone it can be more about who we are as a person, not them.

2. Acceptance

You need to accept the fact that everyone is different and just because you don`t like someone doesn`t make that person a bad person. Also, you are not going to change anyone just because they might know you don`t like them.

In fact, if they know you don`t like them they may try to push those buttons in you that could provoke you and make you look bad.

Accept the person you don`t like as they are and interact with them when necessary, even if you have to fake it. That is the way to get on more amicably with people you can`t stand.

3. Focus on what is positive

If you are honest and open, there will always be something good about the person you don`t like. Just as each of has our own flaws we each also have good qualities.

It is also true that people don`t like to see beyond their negative judgments and feelings about others. In fact, in some cases it will take all the strength you have to do so.

However, by looking beyond what you don`t like about a person, toward the good qualities you see in them you are demonstrating maturity in your relationships.

More importantly, you are releasing yourself from the bondage of your negative feelings. You also open yourself up to the possibility of liking a person you don`t like at the moment, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

4. Be nice to the person you can`t stand

You never know, but there may come the day when you might need the help of the person you don`t like. If you are rude and disrespectful to someone you don`t like they will remember that and perhaps recall that when you are in need of their help.

Moreover, you wouldn`t want the people you can`t stand being disrespectful and rude to you, so why be that way to those you don`t like?

5. Discover their story

Everyone has a story to tell that can explain a lot about why someone is the way they are, even the person you can`t stand. When you discover that story in a person you don`t like you can then begin to develop an understanding of them as a human being.

The world is made up of many different personalities, some of which you will not like, but this doesn`t mean you should avoid them; quite the opposite in fact, because those people you don`t like can teach you something about yourself. You will benefit a lot from learning how to deal with people you can`t stand.