How to Deal with Selfish People

All selfish people are self-centered and don’t care about anyone else but themselves which can mean it is difficult to know how to deal with selfish people. Everything has revolved around them for so long that they don’t even realize they are destroying their relationships with their friends or loved ones.

But if we want to keep them around, especially the ones close to us, we have to learn how to deal with them. Their never ending story about themselves can be very annoying to some people, and the best thing to do is change the subject and move on.

However, there are some more ways to help us deal with selfish people. Here are some of the best ways to deal with selfish people.

1) Have patience

If this person is troubled the best way to deal with their selfishness is to try to bring them out of their negative frame of mind. For example, you can probably ask them why they have been rude and critical of others.

You can mention that noone is perfect and that they might be able to open up to you and explain what is causing them to behave this way so you can understand them better. The best way is to be patient with them.

You may be able to help them feel better about themselves and about others.

2) Be sensitive

You also have to consider that someone who is rude and selfish may actually have some personal problems and feel that they just can’t share what is going on in their lives. They are rude because they do not want to get close to people and do not want to feel hurt by others.

Try to be sensitive and be understanding about their past and perhaps they will see their own self-interest and become less critical of others. In other words, show that you are trying to help them.

3) Limit Your Interaction

If nothing else works you may have to limit your interactions with the selfish person as much as possible while still keeping them in your life. There are a few strategies that have been successful dealing with selfish people.

For example, be kind, and stay cool. They know that they’re difficult and won’t respect you if you pretend they aren’t. If you have a sense of humor, use it. Everyone loves to laugh. But keep the interaction short and sweet until you see some change.

4) Set boundaries

It would be easier to give some guidance than it is to set boundaries, but you may have to draw the line if the relationship is damaging to you. It may be your only choice if you must stay involved with this person.

Remind them of the situations that were painful for you and ask why they act the way they do. And don’t accept excuses for their behavior because excuses are a way to avoid responsibility. You either build relationships through talking it out or you have to set boundaries if talking doesn’t solve the problem.

Above all, don’t judge them.

5) Distance Yourself

Don’t let selfish people mistreat you. The best way is to simply stop cooperating with their mistreatment. Also, you don’t want to repeat this kind of behavior. That is why distancing yourself may be wise.

The reason they are mistreating people is because it is rewarding for them in some way. So the answer is to stop cooperating and separate yourself from them.

Selfish people choose to be negative and pursue behavior that hurts others so they can feel better about themselves. Ultimately, surrounding yourselves with negative people can arouse negativity in you. It’s important to make good decisions about who you associate with.

And that’s how to deal with selfish people!



  1. mmb says:

    extreme selfishness is like a soul all greasy with sticky selfishness, avoid extremely selfish people. they will damage your emotional system and give you daily stress. It’s not just selfishness, it’s more like a bunch of inherent traits. From my experience, I would not be in a relationship of anykind with a selfish person.

  2. nawel says:

    selfishness is a despicable vice to everyone .it can damage yr life easily imagine yrself y are married to an egoist person , evenif i tried manytime to be kind , generous with him he doesnt care , he forgot what i did easily
    how could y avoid selfish people . it is really hard