How to Get People to Talk About Themselves

How do you get people to talk about themselves? Most people like to talk about themselves and what is going on in their lives with those around lives. By sharing things about oneself with others it gives one an opportunity for growth.

However, there are those people that shy away from the idea of talking about themselves, but with sensitivity, they can be helped to open up.

There could be any one reason, or a combination of reasons, that make some people reluctant to share personal information with those they interact with. However, there are some things you can do to help encourage people to talk about themselves if you’re interested in getting to know them more.

Here are some ideas of how to get people to talk about themselves.

1. Listen properly to what is being said

When trying to get people to talk about themselves. Often, you will discover, hidden in their conversation, points that can be a source of getting someone to talk more about themselves.

For example, asking pertinent and connecting questions that are appropriate to what the other is talking about, is a good way to gain someones confidence so they open up to you more. Asking appropriate questions, at them right time, lets the other person know that you are listening to them.

Listening builds confidence between people and encourages people to talk about themselves.

2. Take your time

Don’t try to rush in building the confidence of the other person in you if you are really interested in getting to know that person.

Most people don’t feel comfortable with telling a stranger about themselves. In fact, it could be dangerous to do that in today’s world. So don’t rush it.

The point is this: it takes time to build trust and confidence in order for people to feel comfortable enough to exchange the details of their lives. Its part of how relationships grow over time.

3. Make eye contact with the person that you are trying to get to talk about themselves

Eye contact indicates one`s sincerity, but your eyes also send messages of understanding and compassion. It is those eyes that could help someone talk to you more easily about themselves.

Eye contact allows you to see the emotions of the other person and them to see ours There’s a special connection which happens when you look each other in the eye.

In addition, eye contact is an encouraging way to get people to talk about themselves. It shows you care.

4. Use genuine facial expressions in combination with your eye contact

Your facial expressions reinforce the sincerity and compassion of your eyes. A gentle smile mixed with understanding and eyes of compassion can comfort others so that they can relax and trust you. That helps them talk about themselves with you.

In the same way, facial expressions of shock and disapproval can cause someone to stop sharing their life experience with you in an instant..

5. Don`t take it personally if someone doesn`t want to talk to you about themselves.

First, it’s just the way it is with some people. Accept it as a natural part of human nature.

Also, keep in mind that just because someone doesn’t want to talk to you about themselves doesn’t mean they don’t want to talk to you about anything else, perhaps even about yourself. Think about that. If you go with the flow, they may feel comfortable talking about themselves with you in the future.

Knowing how to get people to talk about themselves is not about you, but them. By using the ideas given above you might be able to encourage people you care about to talk about themselves with you. And if someone who doesn’t want to talk about themselves with you. that’s okay too.