How To Speak Up When You Don´t Know What To Say

by Peter Murphy

We all get tongue tied at times when we really don´t know
what to say next. Maybe you get stuck when talking to
authority figures such as your boss or bank manager. For
someone else certain situations might bring on that
self-conscious tongue-tied moment.

What can you do to avoid getting stuck for words?

1. Trust yourself more

Forget about being perfect and don´t demand that you say
the right thing at the right moment all of the time. It
really is okay to make little mistakes and to learn from

Do forget about perfection because it does not exist in the
known world. Doing what you can with what you´ve got in any
moment is all anyone can reasonably demand of you.

And usually, the more you trust yourself and get on with
it, the more often you will be surprised at how well you
will do. If you pay attention every experience will be an
opportunity for you to get better, much better.

2. Learn like a child

When you were a child you were a highly advanced learning
machine! You learned new skills and understandings at a
phenomenal pace. You were unstoppable in your quest for new
experiences and new learnings.

As adults we need to remember to tap into this fascination
for life. Kids learn by observing AND doing. Adults often
forget the doing part!

In terms of making great conversation, allow yourself to
learn by doing. Make mistakes, learn what does not work and
improve one conversation after another. You will move ahead
much, much faster when you live in this way.

3. Apply the knowledge you already have

It is very likely you already know how to start a
conversation, how to keep a conversation alive and how to
engage the interest of another person.

However, knowing what to do and using what you know are two
very different things. Here is a useful guideline you might
like to keep in mind — you only know what you can do.

Unless you are getting good results with a technique or
approach that you understand – you really have not learned
and integrated it into your life.

The best way to take on board and use what you think you
already know is to spend a little time each day reviewing
solid material on communication skills. Review it and then
use it during your day when you deal with people.

Before you know it those tongue-tied moments will be a
distant memory of how you used to be.

Now, what else can you do right now?

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