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People Skills’ Training Center opens in Escondido, CA Regularly scheduled seminars available for executives, entrepreneurs & employees to improve necessary skills for success in the new economy.

‘People Skills’ expert, Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, has announced the opening of the Optimize! Institute on January 21st in Escondido, California based conveniently in the Holiday Inn Express just off Highway I-15. The Optimize! Institute offers regularly scheduled, targeted training in conflict & anger management, mediation, negotiation, communication & networking for entrepreneurs, executives & employees.

(this news reinforces the importance of people skills in business.)

“Research studies show that up to 42% of an employee’s time is spent engaging in or attempting to resolve conflict.” – Daniel Dana, ‘Conflict Resolution’, McGraw Hill, 2001

Clearly, people skills are essential for business success…

Improving communication and conflict management skills has been proven time and again to BENEFIT organizations on every level from performance to profit. Optimize! Institute delivers expert facilitation & training in these areas through in-person seminars, web-based learning, teleseminars & custom onsite development for small & large businesses. All in all, people skills are covered from every angle.

“Effectively managing day-to-day interactions in the workplace – particularly the negative ones – makes you more competent, capable and confident, both as an employee or as a manager,” says Dr. Rhoberta Shaler. “Your workplace is not only more peaceful but it is more productive & profitable. No down time from unnecessary squabbles, hurt feelings or regrettable conversations… and who doesn’t want that?”

“The ‘ostrich technique’”, says Shaler, “is simply costing businesses big bucks every day. Burying their heads in the sand and thinking conflict will go away is a waste of time, energy, personnel and dollars. Poor work ethics, surly attitudes and off-hand service drives people away—both employees and customers!“

The difference between successful, efficient, respected businesses and those thinking of closing their doors may very well be found in their ‘people skills’—internally & externally. Unresolved conflict can be costly to the individuals involved and the entire organization. So costly, in fact, it was reported in ‘Violence in the Workplace” by Erik Van Slyke, that ‘over 65% of performance problems in the workplace result from strained relationships between employees—and NOT from skill based deficits or lack of appropriate motivation.”

Optimize! Institute is positioned to be the premier facility for ‘people skills’ training in Southern California. The convenience of web- & telephone-based learning options creates a comprehensive program that is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Executives & entrepreneurs can get the exact skills they need, delivered in concise, intensive three-hour programs, onsite, off-site or on the phone. The website outlines program offerings and registration along with informative articles, bi-weekly electronic newsletter and other supportive materials.

Now, you know it´s not just me talking about the importance of people skills at work. In fact, people skills are key for success in life.

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