Self Esteem Tests – How to Win!

Have you ever taken self esteem tests? A self esteem test is designed to measure eight indicators of self esteem: degree to which you procrastinate, the number of moral rules you feel you should adhere to, your flexibility in taking risks, whether you practice positive thinking or not, the degree to which you blame yourself when things go wrong, how shy you are around strangers, the number of meaningful relationships you are able to maintain, and the level of self-acceptance you practice.

Here are some questions that would appear on a sample self esteem test:

1. How often do you procrastinate on tasks that are necessary?

2. How many times do you reject invitation to an event though you would really like to attend it?

3. How often do you tell your boss you cannot come to work because you are ill (even if you are well?

4. How often do you dawdle over decision making because you cannot make up your mind?

5. How often do you share genuine feelings with the people around you?

6. How often do you avoid doing a task that you really have to do?

7. In what parts of your life do you feel guilt or self-recrimination?

8. Do you think that you should feel more self esteem and be more comfortable with other people?

9. How often do you experience conflict between doing what you feel is necessary to do and doing what you just want to do?

10. How often have you been informed that you look at life too seriously?

11. How often are you open to constructive criticism?

12. How often do you rely on the input or advice of people in authority, even when they are strangers to you?

13. Do you believe that people think your opinions matter?

14. How often do you try to learn new knowledge so that you will gain a new perspective into the topic?

15. How long have you been a member of a group, cult or religious organization that imposes rules, beliefs or truths that you value very much?

16. How often do you use words like: everyone, all, none, nobody, never, always?

17. Do you believe that you require a lot of proof before you can assess a situation and create your own conclusions?

18. Do you have terms of endearment that you use to label things and events in your life?

19. Do you believe that if you do not achieve a desired outcome in an endeavour that it automatically makes you a failure?

20. How high are the standards in life that you set for yourself and other people?

21. How often do you apologize for circumstances not in your immediate control?

22. Do you always feel that you are being observed by other people or that they are talking about you behind your back?

23. Do you believe that the people you live with think your possessions take up too much space when they say that the house is too cramped?

24. When you compare yourself to other people, do you find that they are better than you in some way (i.e. more beautiful, smarter, sing better, etc.)?

25. Do you believe that other people fail to respect you?

26. Do you feel awkward striking up a conversation with other people, to the point that you stutter or make mistakes talking to them?

27. Do you try to stay in the background even when your actions prove that you deserve to be at center stage?

28. Do you believe other people perceive you as being distant or aloof?

29. How many people can you name as belonging to your circle of friends?

There are many more tests out there that you can take to determine your level of self esteem. This is just one sample of the various self esteem tests available.

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