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How to Use Fear of Rejection to Your Advantage

In this must watch video, Jia Jiang explains how anyone can face their fear of rejection and change what it means so it becomes an advantage.

All of us can identify with the fear of rejection. Why is rejection feared? What does it mean? Why are we so afraid of rejection? Listen to Jia Jiang who has mastered the art of rejection, and who lives day in and day out trying to get rejected as much as possible.

You will learn:

– How to master your own fear of rejection and how to make it your advantage
– Customer Service: How to Turn Rejections Into Opportunities
– You Can Say ‘NO’ and Make Me a Fan — what my 100 crazy requests taught me about great customer service
– Sales and Life: Why Rejection Is Your Best Friend

How To Get Over Fear Of Rejection

The fear of rejection has its basis in wrong thinking. Yes, change your outlook and rejection is no longer a personal matter. In this short video you will discover the correct way to view rejection so that you no longer live in fear of rejection.

If you`d like more advanced strategies for overcoming the fear of rejection take a look at my simple solution here:

How To Get Over Fear Of Rejection