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How to Deal with Difficult People at Home

Dealing with difficult people at home can be more challenging than dealing with a difficult person outside of the home, where you can turn and walk away if you have to. You will usually have a closer bond with those people who live with or visit you than you do with people you work with or meet only outside the home.

Due to your bond with them, you need to use different strategies to deal with them.

1. Don’t Take It Personal

When you deal with difficult people at home you can become susceptible to taking their difficult attitude personally, more so than you might when dealing with difficult people outside of the home. However, taking a difficult person’s attitude personally will do nothing but make the situation all that more difficult.

When you think and feel it as personal you will be more apt to take a defensive position against the person who is causing you to feel that way. You then can become more concerned about protecting yourself than solving whatever problem the difficult person might be trying to convey.

2. Resist Fighting Back

Sometimes when you are dealing with a difficult person at home you may experience the desire to fight back and really give that person a piece of your mind or even worse.

Again, just like taking it personal, this will more than likely exasperate the situation and cause that person to become even more difficult, and could even cause them to feel justified in their behavior.

This is not to say you should become submissive and make way for the difficult person to say and do as they please. But you should remain calm and be intelligent in how to deal with a difficult person at home. The best thing to do is to put aside any emotions you might be feeling and become as objective as you can.

3. Avoid Appeasement

Difficult people want to be right even when they know they’re not. They also want to get their way even when they know they can’t. This is part of the dynamics of difficult people. However, to appease a difficult one at home can be one of the worst things to do for both yourself and that difficult person.

When you appease a difficult person with anything other than solving a problem or reaching a mutual understanding you give that person permission to behave toward you any way they please and this is not healthy for you or the relationship with them. In fact, you will lose self respect and the respect of that difficult person.

4. Change Them, Not!

So many people who enter a relationship with a difficult person seem to think that they can change that person. No-one can change another person. People change because that is what they know they need to do, not because someone else thinks that’s what the other needs to do.

Moreover, once you think and start acting like you can change difficult people at home they will more than likely rebel against those attempts. When a difficult person rebels you then can become their direct target and find them blaming you for their attitude.

5. Set the Expectations

There may be times that someone who is visiting your home becomes difficult to deal with. When this happens, immediately let them know whose home they are in and warn them that you won’t put up with their difficult behavior.

If this doesn’t cause them to change their attitude then ask them to leave.

These tips are not the only ones there are for knowing how to deal with difficult people at home, but they are the best ones to preserve yourself as a person and let that difficult person know that you are not a doormat upon which they can impose any bad behaviour they choose.