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How To Deal With People Who Talk Too Much

No matter where you go you are at some point going to come into contact with someone you think talks too much. It is unavoidable. Knowing why they do it is the key to how to deal with people who talk too much.

Generally, there is a reason why people talk too much. For example, one reason could be because nobody at home listens to them, and another could be because some people learn by talking.

Have you ever really listened to a talker? Many talkers possess a vast amount of knowledge. Unfortunately, some of these talkers just want you to know how much they know. That can get boring.

How can we deal with talkers when we find that their talking is getting under our skin? Here are some things you can do to help you deal with people who talk too much.

1. Accept it

Acceptance is the key to many, if not all, of our interpersonal relationships, including those relationships in which you think the other person talks too much.

The bottom line here is that you cannot change anyone. You can encourage change in whatever way you might choose, but if the talker does not want to change they are just not going to. We may just have to tolerate it or walk away.

2. Be calm

This is what most of do in many other interpersonal situations so why not be calm in an interaction with someone you think talks too much.

If you have to, you can distract your mind by thinking pleasant thoughts. These pleasing thoughts, whatever you choose them to be, will help keep you calm.

3. Avoid anger

Becoming angry with a talker is no better than becoming angry with anyone else. If the talker has not disrespected or offended you with their words then there is no real reason to get angry with them. They`re just talking. It is like white noise that really doesn`t affect you in any important way.

4. Be honest but kind

This is important if the other person is talking is interrupting something else you`re trying to do, like paying attention to a lecture or watching a movie in the theater. Let the talker know in a calm but firm voice that they are interrupting you. Most talkers will positively respond to the advice.

5. Feed them

Okay, this may sound comical but the truth of the matter is that, for most of us, the mouth can only do one thing at a time. If a person who talks too much has food in their mouth they are likely to talk less. Moreover, most of us know, as even most talkers do, that it is rude to talk while you have food in your mouth.

6. Listen to the person who talks too much

Some people talk a lot when they are stressed or worried about something. As was mentioned earlier, sometimes people who talk too much just need some one to listen to them. And besides you will never know what you might learn when you listen to someone else.

People who talk too much can make you feel trapped and frustrated. If the person who talks too much is a family member or friend you really need to look at the idea of acceptance if you intend on maintaining the relationship. You can try discussing their talkative problem over with them and maybe let them know how it bothers you.

If it works, great! But if it doesn`t you can always teach yourself to adapt to your family member`s talkative ways. If that is not an option then you may need to evaluate your relationship with that person.

You can deal with this positively and to the good of both yourself and the other person, if you approach it correctly. In this article we have reviewed some of the ways we can deal with people who talk too much and still maintain a relationship with them.