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How to Get People to Appreciate You

There is nothing worse than feeling that other people don’t appreciate the efforts that you make at work, or the favours that you do for your friends and family. It makes you feel under-valued.

Here are some suggestions on how to get people to appreciate you at work.

1. First of all, learn to appreciate yourself.

The way that you regard yourself will usually set the standard for how other people see you. Start by recognising your own good qualities, and be aware of your worth. This will help to build up your confidence and self esteem, which will make people sit up and notice you more.

If you perceive any weaknesses in yourself, try to work on overcoming them. If necessary, take some night classes or ask your supervisor if you can undertake staff training to improve your skills.

2. Secondly, make sure that you are not alienating your boss and colleagues by your attitude

Don’t be negative, as this creates a bad atmosphere and will certainly put people off you. Even if other people are moaning and complaining, try not to get sucked into it. You never know if something negative that you say will get back to your manager.

Do not join in with office gossip either.

3. Also, try not to hang about or pester people too much when they are trying to get on with their work

We all need help and advice sometimes, but you will certainly not be appreciated if you can’t do anything on your own initiative. If you do have a serious problem with your work, go straight to your supervisor or manager and ask for their assistance.

Believe it or not, your boss will appreciate this more than if you did something wrong and wasted company time and money.

4. Show your supervisor or manager that you are reliable and hard-working.

Always come in to work punctually, and don’t take unauthorised days off. Don’t sneak off to the restroom or elsewhere outside of break times, or slip out of work early because you’ve got a date.

Be willing to work a little overtime if you are asked, as this will make a good impression.

5. You can add to this good impression by being well organised

Each day, make a list of all the tasks that you have to do and then prioritise them. You may need to be flexible if other, more urgent jobs crop up during the day, but at least nothing will be forgotten.

If you want your boss to appreciate you, make sure that you always submit your work on schedule, and that it is of a satisfactory standard.

6. Sometimes it is good office politics to let someone else take the credit for your ideas or work

We all know that you are the one who really deserves the merit, but if you let your supervisor or line manager get the credit for a job well done, they will appreciate you all the more for it.

7. In order to get your work colleagues to appreciate you, you should always be willing to help out, even if it sometimes means giving up your lunch break.

Try to become a good listener when your workmates have problems, and never, ever betray their confidence.

8. You should also encourage the other people you work with, and praise their efforts.

Remember that they want to be appreciated just as much as you do, and by making them feel better about themselves, they will also feel better about you.

9. You can also work on getting your company’s clients to appreciate you

You can do this by being helpful, polite and giving them a high standard of service. Often, you will find that the client will praise you to your supervisor or line manager if you have been particularly helpful, and that will earn your boss’ appreciation for improving the public image of the business.

10. Try to make yourself indispensable

Make sure that you always have all the information about your current project to hand, get to know all of the regular clients, and always keep your eyes open for opportunities to make the company more efficient or more economical.

To sum up, if you want to know how to get people to appreciate you at work, be organised, efficient, courteous and helpful. Don’t just put in the minimum amount of effort to get the job done, but go the extra mile and give your company added value.