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How To Get People To Understand You

There will be times, with all the interactions you have on a daily basis, that someone is not going to understand you.

At work you may try to explain a procedure to a co-worker; in a social situation, like a restaurant, it’s important for wait staff to understand your order; and then, there is your private life where it’s very important to you that those close to you, understand you.

There are numerous situations where you will want people to understand you.

Here are some thoughts about how to get people to understand you.

1. Be in control when explaining yourself

Don’t let your emotions be the ruler, but the fuel of who you are. It’s an awesome thing to have a great idea that you are passionate about, but if you let passion dominate your wisdom you will lose control of more than explaining yourself. If you want people to understand you relax, in the confidence of who you are and explain yourself.

2. Speak with clarity as you explain yourself.

If you want people to understand you, then you are responsible for speaking in such a way that they can understand you. This involves knowing what you want to say. Once you know what you want to say, practice it a few times before you actually present to your audience.

When you want to be understood, avoid using language that is unfamiliar to those to whom you are talking. If street language is what those you are talking to understand best then use that language so they may have a better chance of understanding what you are saying. And definitely don`t use high class language because it could send a wrong message.

By the same token, if you are talking with a boss or other important person you won’t want to use street language to elicit their understanding. You will run the risk of losing them as they are forced to ask, “what does that mean?”

Speak in a language that your particular audience can understand and be clear if you want others to understand what you are saying.

3. Appear as if you want to be understood by those to whom you are talking

That means that you need to have confidence in what you be will saying. Confidence is about knowing what you’re going to say before you say it and in knowing that what you are saying is correct and useful or interesting to your audience.

Practice can enhance your confidence.

Your body language will also tell others if you are sincere about being understood. For example, if you are running your fingers through your hair, while trying to explain something to someone, you are demonstrating nervousness and insecurity, neither of which help you to be understood.

4. Be reliably honest

This is essential if you want people to listen long enough to understand you. Some people consistently lie or fabricate stories and then wonder why they can’t get any understanding when they really need it. It’s because of their past unreliability and dishonesty. If you want people to understand you then be reliable and honest.

5. Point out similarities between what you are saying and what someone else is saying

Similarities will help others understand you more clearly, and in addition, give more credence to what you are saying. When one sees commonalities it helps to make connections which in turn helps understanding. Thus, the more connections you can help someone make, the more understanding you can achieve.

If you want people to understand you than you must work at being understood.

These are some ways to get people to understand you. Put these tips into practice and you should get what you want: more understanding from the people you are talking to.