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6 Great Small Talk Tips for Every Situation

Small Talk doesn’t have to be difficult or tedious, you can copy what popular people do and enjoy using small talk as a way to get to know people better.

Use the 6 proven tips in this slide show to have much more fun meeting people.

The 7 Must See Videos on How to Make Small Talk

Small talk can often seem difficult and a chore but it doesn’t have to be like that. Watch these 7 videos I selected for you and learn how to enjoy small talk while getting much better at it.

1 Minister Faust – How to Engage in Better Small Talk

2 Jeffrey Benjamin – The Art of Small Talk

3 Debra Fine – The Fine Art of Small Talk

4 Michaela Chung – Small Talk Hacks for Introverts

5 Philipa Perry – The Beauty of Small Talk

6 Entrepreneur Channel – Nothing to Say? Here’s How You Can Make Small Talk

7 Art of Manliness – How to Make Small Talk with Strangers