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How to Talk With Confidence

Having confidence in yourself can make a world of difference in relating to the outside world. If you fear what is out there you won`t accomplish much toward your reason for being here. Each of us has a purpose, whatever that purpose might be. And we all have to discover it for ourselves. But in that discovery you will find your confidence growing and you will uncover how to talk with confidence.

We all have varying degrees of confidence, and moreover, it can change from challenge to challenge. For example, there are large numbers of people who don’t have the confidence to talk with people. They are easy to identify because they have that look of “I want to say something, but I’m scared” on their faces.

These people listen attentively and are interested in the discussion, but may feel that their contribution will get laughed at. If you are one of those people who doesn’t have confidence when talking to others then what follows is for you.

Here are some pointers on how to talk with confidence.

1. Slow down

Many people who lack confidence in talking with others will sometimes talk so fast when given an opportunity to talk that those who are listening quickly get lost in what is being said.

If you are talking too fast for people to understand you they will turn you off, and this will further damage your confidence in talking with others. To preserve what confidence you have, relax and talk at a moderate talking speed.

2. Practice speaking with confidence

Confidence is something we build with practice and experience. There is not one baseball pitcher ever born with the confidence of striking batters out. The pitcher had to practice and improve his skill and in that comes the confidence he needs to strike a skilled batter out.

Every chance you get, practice speaking with confidence. Talk to yourself in your mirror as if your reflection was another person.

3. Increase your vocabulary

Having a good verbal repertoire will help you talk with confidence because you are more verbally flexible. And believe it or not, people who can clearly understand what’s being said and then can clearly express themselves, are people that most people find interesting to be in a conversation with.

You can quickly and easily increase your vocabulary by committing to learn one new word a week. Sounds simple? It is!

4. Look into their eyes

If you lack confidence in talking to anyone, don’t show it. One of the best ways you can do this is by looking into the other person’s eyes when either of you are talking, even if you don’t feel confident inside.

First and foremost, looking into the eyes of the person you are talking to says you are sincere and confident. When someone doesn’t look you in the eye while talking with you it could indicate shame or that they have something to hide.

Don’t give that impression to anyone.

5. Watch the red flags

There are red flags that can send a message to the other person that you don’t have confidence.

The questions, “You know?” and “Right?” are two examples of red flags of a person who doesn’t have confidence and needs to hear the other person’s affirmations. In the business world those two are unprofessional, and in severe cases, very annoying.

These questions can be used in a positive way to encourage listening and agreement but never question like this out of a need for approval. If you do the lack of confidence you are expressing will negatively impact the conversation.

6. Feel confident

Let yourself experience the feelings of confidence in those moments that you are feeling confident. Your confidence can be built and reinforced best when you can see it and experience it. There’s a saying somewhere that indicates if you act confident you will become confident. There is a lot of truth in that.

There are many people who need confidence, or more of it, when talking with other people. Following these points will show you how to talk with confidence.