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The 7 Must See Videos on How to Make Small Talk

Small Talk can often seem difficult and a chore but it doesn’t have to be like that. Watch these 7 videos I selected for you and learn how to enjoy small talk while getting much better at it.

1 Minister Faust – How to Engage in Better Small Talk

2 Jeffrey Benjamin – The Art of Small Talk

3 Debra Fine – The Fine Art of Small Talk

4 Michaela Chung – Small Talk Hacks for Introverts

5 Philipa Perry – The Beauty of Small Talk

6 Entrepreneur Channel – Nothing to Say? Here’s How You Can Make Small Talk

7 Art of Manliness – How to Make Small Talk with Strangers

The 7 Best Videos on How to Get People to Listen to You

If you ever struggle to get people to pay attention to you then this post is for you. There are many simple approaches you can use to get people to listen to you. I’ve selected 7 great videos for this post, including one of mine, so you can learn how to get attention and keep people listening when you talk.

1 Julie Broad – Are You Being Ignored? Here’s How to Get People to Listen to You

2 Julian Treasure – How to Speak so that People Want to Listen

3 Kellie Frazier – How to Get People to Listen to You

4 Peter Murphy – 7 Ways Popular People Keep Everyone Listening

5 Paul McGee – How to Stand Up and Speak so that People Sit Up and Listen

6 Richard Newman – How to Get People to Listen to You!

7 Steve Kinnal – How to Get People to Listen: Skill Flash

The 7 Best Videos on How to Build Self-Confidence

If you want to be more confident with people the easiest way is to apply proven principles that already work for others…

Watch these 7 videos on building self-confidence, take notes and practice the tips and strategies you learn. Self-confidence is not some mysterious quality that only a few lucky people get to enjoy, it’s a learnable skill anyone can cultivate as long as they learn and apply a proven approach.

1 Richard Bandler – How to Become More Confident

2 Caroline Goyder – The Surprising Secret to Speaking with Confidence

3 Dr. Ivan Joseph – The Skill of Self-Confidence

4 Dr. Sharon Melnick – The Fastest Way to Build Self-Confidence

5 Brian Tracy – The Unbreakable Laws of Self-Confidence

6 Josh Pais – How to Be Confident, Overcome Fear and Anxiety in Seconds

7 Kati Morton – 5 Easy Steps to Build Your Self-Confidence

Now that you’ve watched these videos make a point of practising the strategies you’ve learned. As long as you allow for trial and error and persist despite setbacks you will develop greater self-confidence.