The 4 Secrets to Communication Magic

by Peter Murphy

1 Listen effectively

How many people do you know who truly listen to every word
you say? Think about the people you enjoy being with the
most. Isn´t it true they really pay close attention to you
when you have something important to say?

It´s a shame but very few people care enough to really
listen attentively to the people in their life. They get so
busy and caught up in their own problems that they are
rarely completely present for anyone.

When you develop superior listening skills you will be head
and shoulders above most other people who know better but
still don´t listen.

Being a great listener is a sure fire way to make new
friends, to make people feel deeply appreciated and to
build deep rapport grounded in mutual trust and respect.

2 Know your purpose

Quality communication requires you to know not only what
you want to discuss but also why you want to talk about
that topic. A clear and definite sense of purpose will
guide you and help you to be flexible in your approach.

Mediocre and poor standards of communication share a lack
of purpose that destroys any potential for meaningful
effective communication.

You need a clear sense of purpose to ensure you persist and
maintain flexibility when the dialogue goes off track. It
is far too easy to let the conversation drift unless you
hold in mind your purpose.

Your purpose might be to win acceptance of an idea, to get
a friend to do something for you or it might be to arrange
a family day out.

Whatever the nature of the discussion unless you know your
purpose you are unlikely to achieve what you set out to get

3 Share your insights and opinions

You are a unique individual with interesting personal
viewpoints and a perspective all of your own. You must have
the courage to express yourself as you are to truly be

The world does not need another clone of someone else. Sing
your song or the whole world misses out on your special

The confidence to be yourself can be developed quickly and
easily with the right guidance and appropriate strategies.

And it is essential that you do so right away. It is far
too easy to let another week, month or year slip by without
any noticeable improvement in your life.

Decide to share more of yourself and make a point of
letting others know what you think and feel. Do so with
rapport and you may well find that people are very
interested to hear what you have to say.

4 Make sure you have a common understanding

High quality communication is characterized by an ongoing
dialogue that is punctuated by checks for understanding by
all parties to the conversation.

Each person must check that everyone involved is singing
off the same hymn sheet or else the potential for
misunderstanding and confusion is huge.

The failure to check assumptions are valid and that the
other people present know what you mean takes skill and
constant attention to both verbal and non verbal cues.

In many ways a free flowing conversation is very much like
driving a car. Unless you are watching for feedback and
aware of what is going on you will not be able to steer the
conversation and keep it on track.

Now, bear in mind that confidence is the glue that binds
these conversation tips together to ensure your success.

If you feel good about yourself, if you feel confident and
at ease others assume you to be confident and at ease. They
then respect you more. And all because you decided to
respect yourself.

But, when you are fearful you give off different vibes and
because you are avoiding people they tend to avoid you.

And this is why you must identify and let go of your
conversation fear – the fear that stops you from enjoying
the company of others.

Drop the fear and notice how people are much more
interested in getting to know you better. Why? Because you
are letting your true personality shine.

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Peter Murphy

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