The Best Way To Get People To Like You

by Peter Murphy

What does everyone want? When you think about it there is
one human need that can never be satisfied for very long.

Like hunger it demands to be attended to until we are
content and if we ignore it for too long we just don´t feel

I am of course talking about the approval of other people.
We all want and indeed need to be liked by others and yet
we never seem to get enough affection, attention or love.

Of course there is a right way and a wrong way of getting
people to like you. If you demand to be liked, force others
to approve of you or constantly seek approval the end
result is always the same – you end up pushing people away.

What is the best way to get people to like you? The answer
is so obvious and so simple that most people will never
accept that it is so. Still, I´ll tell you.

The secret is to firstly approve of yourself and secondly
to choose to find the good in others. When you apply both
of these principles it causes people to respond positively
to you.


Because as we know only 7% of communication is verbal. When
you feel great about your self it comes across in your
voice tone and facial expressions.

That glow of self approval is very attractive to other
people and virtually forces them to pay more attention to
you and whatever you say.

Now, go to lesson 12 in my book: The Self Appreciation
Enhancer. This technique is a quick and easy way to boost
your self-esteem on a daily basis.

Make a point of feeling great because the happier you feel
the greater the impact your words will have on everyone you

And when you look for the good in others they can see it in
your eyes, hear it in your words and notice your interest
in them.

Make time for activities and people that energize you. And
of course do schedule in time to recharge so that when you
need to be at your best you have an abundance of energy to
draw on.

Bye for now,

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy is the author of the proven system for
transforming self-doubt into self-confidence. Develop
great conversation skills and master small talk.


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