The force that stops you from speaking up

by Peter Murphy

There is a powerful force that stops you from speaking up.
It is the same force that prevents you from making your
voice count and it is the reason why others ignore you or
fail to appreciate what you have to offer.

In fact, this force is responsible for most of the lack of
enjoyment, fulfillment and even the limited appreciation
you experience in your day to day life.

Why is this? Because this force keeps people away from you
and stops you from connecting with people you want to know

Thankfully, there is a solution and those who know how have
overcome the same negative force that holds you back. These
people enjoy superior relationships, greater career success
and a busy social life with friends who love and appreciate

I am talking about the fear that stops you from approaching
new people, saying what is really on your mind or
expressing your true personality.

If you ever feel like you need either permission to speak
up or approval from someone before really being yourself
then you know what I mean. It´s as if the rules you learned
as a child are still governing your life: only speak when
spoken to.

Unfortunately as adults we know what happens when we wait
for permission to speak up. That´s right, someone else
takes our place!

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you
could drop this tendency to hold yourself back. Your
typical day would be so different. Think of the fun you
would have joking with people.

Imagine all the new people you´d get to know and think
about how good you would feel being an active participant
rather than hiding on the periphery of the group.

Right now, it is as if an imaginary barrier is keeping you
away from other people. And yes, it is imaginary, it is not
real except in your mind.

The people who connect with others, those who are all
smiles and radiating warm confidence simply look at the
world differently. The world is not different – it merely
looks different to them. You can join them when you drop
the self imposed restrictions that are holding you back.

Face your fears and drop them one by one. You do this by
changing how you think – not by changing the world. As soon
as you feel differently about dealing with people others
will notice the change in you and start treating you

That´s the funny thing about life – to change the world
change yourself and the people in your world will follow
your lead. They respond to you by reflecting back how you
feel about yourself.

If you feel good about yourself, if you feel confident and
at ease others assume you to be confident and at ease. They
then respect you more. And all because you decided to
respect yourself.

But, when you are fearful you give off different vibes and
because you are avoiding people they tend to avoid you.

And this is why you must identify and let go of your
conversation fear – the fear that stops you from enjoying
the company of others.

Drop the fear and notice how people are much more
interested in getting to know you better. Why? Because you
are letting your true personality shine.

What can you do right now to beat conversation fear?

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Have a great day,

Peter Murphy

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