The Magical Secret To Great Conversation

There is a secret to making great conversation that you are
unlikely to discover in any book or at even the very best
of seminars.

And the awareness of this very special secret is the
difference between good and great when it comes to making

Let me the tell you the secret…

Enter into conversations with the intention to give without
wanting, expecting or demanding anything in return.

Now, the significance, power and subtle of this principle
goes right over the head of most people who hear it. Let me

When you talk to another person and come from a place of
giving and sharing you will feel empowered as long as you
neither want approval from the other person nor want to
control the other person with your communication.

Your worries about saying the wrong thing and fears about
looking stupid or feeling rejected will all dissipate. When
your focus is on giving and not on the getting you are the
source — not the other person. Consequently approval and
control cannot be taken from you.

Instead you will feel relaxed, confident and at ease. You
will feel good about expressing your personality and more
of your hidden charisma will shine.

And there is another wonderful benefit to applying these
principles. The person you are talking to will no longer
have resistance to what you are saying.

He or she will feel compelled to respond to your giving by
giving to you in return. This can take the form of really
listening to you, helping you and responding to your ideas
and input.

Why does this happen?

Because we all feel compelled to give to whoever gives to
us. This is known as the principle of reciprocity. It is a
powerful principle you can use every time you talk to other
people. And it all begins with an attitude of giving.

You can give in many ways when you are talking to someone…

– offer all of your attention
– give an open mind
– present an open heart
– listen to what is really said
– talk with sincerity and caring

Now, when you consider these points it is easy to fool
yourself because although we know to do these things we do
not often do so.

Distinguish between what you know and what you actually do
and start using these principles today. When you act on the
secret to great conversation it will make a big difference
to your relationships, success and happiness. Why not start
right now?

Have a great week,

Peter Murphy

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