The Real Secret To Making And Keeping Friends

by Peter Murphy

Only a few people really understand the best way to make
new friends. And even fewer ever grasp the secret to
keeping a good friendship alive over the years.

When it comes to making friends, the key is to decide to
like the other person before the other person starts to
like you. When you do this you naturally warm to the other
person, he or she then senses this and responds accordingly.

Deciding to like the other person regardless of their
acceptance of you has an interesting side benefit. You are
no longer concerned about rejection. If you are not looking
for approval you will feel more confident.

Imagine how well you will relate to others with this new
found inner confidence. You will radiate warmth and
approval. And others will want to get to know you better.

The same applies to long-standing friendships. We sometimes
take them for granted and our relationships can suffer. You
can quickly revive a friendship by choosing to like or love
that friend just as he or she is.

Truly accept your friend and it will come across in what
you say and, more importantly, in how you say it. That
sparkle in your eyes says more about how much you like your
friend than any words can convey.

Of course choosing to like someone means you can still
assert yourself and make sure the other person treats you
well. In fact they are more likely to do so when they sense
they are liked.

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