What To Say When There`s Nothing To Talk About

We have all been in that situation where a conversation falls flat on its face and everyone stands around wondering what to say next. We have all found ourselves in that moment when there`s nothing to talk about when we are trying to socialize.

1. Do not be embarrassed by the conversation slump

It is actually a funny situation if you think about it, because the nose dive in conversation happens to us all and is the pun of many comedians.

It is also sometimes an embarrassing situation because we are left trying to figure out what the next move is. Perhaps it is ours. Maybe it is theirs.

There are actually no rules. Anyone will be glad if you step in to rescue a conversation.

2. Bring up something familiar

People like to talk about things that they are familiar with and can relate to. For example, many people are familiar and interested with current affairs. Current affairs can bring life to a lull in the conversation.

3. Use your surroundings

There will be many things around and about you that make great conversational subjects when there is nothing else to talk about. Sometimes the seemingly most insignificant thing can spark a conversation.

Take a look around your environment and see what others might not. Your unique observation can become a source of an interesting subject when there is nothing else to talk about.

4. Listen and be ready to participate

You should be ready to step into the conversation at the right time. To be an active participant in any interaction means you have to listen and pay attention.

From this you can catch ideas and process them and at the right time contribute to the conversation when there may be a lull. Also, not listening to the person who is talking is a big contributor to conversations falling flat.

However, it takes both the speaker and listener to make nothing to talk about into some thing fun and worthwhile to talk about.

5. Interact!

Having a good interactive line takes exactly what was mentioned in the previous paragraph: listening!

What is meant by having a good interactive line is to ask questions at the right time, throw in the agreements where appropriate and just basically being involved in the conversation so you keep it moving along.

6. Ask questions

This is a very good way to develop an interactive line of conversation with anyone. Asking pertinent questions at the right time can keep a conversation going onto a variety of different directions, which naturally turns nothing to talk about into ideas that are great conversation topics.

But again this takes the skill of listening and paying attention to what is going on around you.

We have covered six approaches you should take when there`s nothing to talk about. Now let us end with a couple of things you really should not do if you want to rescue the conversation.

1. Do not show impatience

Many people have a tendency to show nervousness and sometimes even agitation when they find themselves among others where there is no conversation.

Your impatience can make others nervous and when people are nervous this creates a tense environment and makes it even more difficult to find things to talk about.

Instead, assert your interest by bringing up something that is fun that everyone can relate to.

2. Do not get nervous

Never be too embarrassed to bring up something to talk about when everyone else might think there is nothing to talk about. You would be surprised at the subjects people are interested in talking about. So be assertive and put something interesting out there.

Everyone has experienced situations where there is nothing to talk about. These types of interactions can create uneasiness, but there are things you can say when there is nothing to talk about.